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What Can You Do with Python? – The 3 Main Applications

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What is Python used for? What can you do with Python? Watch this video to find out 🙂

Looking for a Python tutorial for beginners? I have a playlist for that here:

Also, if you’re looking for a good Django tutorial, I recommend the book called Django for Beginners. You can find it here:
You can also find the free sample chapters of that book here:

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Links I mentioned in the video:
– frontend vs backend (my explanation):
– Flask vs Django:
– My data visualization tutorial video:
– The quora thread about desktop applications:

Outline (check the comment section for a clickable version):
0:44 : Web development intro
1:08 : Why web framework?
1:28 : Which Python web framework should you use?

2:30 : Machine learning intro – what is machine learning?
4:36 : Machine learning with Python
5:10 : How to learn machine learning

5:33 : Data analysis / visualization – an example
7:23 : Data analysis / visualization with Python

8:14 : Scripting – what is it?

9:20 : What about game development?
9:50 : What about desktop applications?
10:48 : What about embedded applications?



  1. Below is an outline of this video. But first…

    If you're looking for a Python tutorial for beginners, you should check out my playlist for that here:

    Or, if you're looking for a good Django tutorial, I also have a series where I use Django to build a web app:

    Okay, here’s the outline:
    0:44: Web development intro
    1:08: Why web framework?
    1:28: Which Python web framework should you use?

    2:30: Machine learning intro – what is machine learning?
    4:36: Machine learning with Python
    5:10: How to learn machine learning

    5:33: Data analysis / visualization – an example
    7:23: Data analysis / visualization with Python

    8:14: Scripting – what is it?

    9:20: What about game development?
    9:50: What about desktop applications?
    10:48: What about embedded applications?

  2. "you don't have to watch the whole video if you don't want to…" auto subscribe! lol

  3. Thank you for this video I wanna learn Python but I didnt know those applications

  4. So, its not python so great, it is all about 3rd party libraries for it. I guess there are same or similar libraries for other languages too.

  5. what about white hat hacking or is hydra better i just know java which kind similur to python

  6. I think the main issue when people talk about programming, they keep talking about languages. We want to know the kinds of things we can do with these tools and how to do that.

  7. So my ultimate goal is to build an educational program about a musical instrument, for i'm a musician myself.
    I would like to add like a background music, sounds of different notes and chords played with the instrument here and there, along with a few pictures of the instrument in the background.
    And the program will display questions and the user will be choosing the right answer out of a number of choices. It will have different levels for the player to choose, and each level will have a bunch of questions with answer choice for the player to choose.
    Which language will be the most suited for this kind of application?
    Input from anyone will be much appreciated.
    Thank you in advance.

  8. I've learnt python by completing the course in coursera. But confuse what to use the knowledge for cos I wish I could get a project/assignment that will make me have a destination that will end up with me gaining more knowledge

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  11. Wondering for a person not knowing much about Codes, which code is easier to understand, learn and use specially if the main interest is creating Relational Databases and or CRMs? VBA or Python or any other ? Any chance you might have a sample file to see how it looks?

  12. I love this guy, great information and explains how you need other programe coding etc and honesty so subscribing and binge watching all his content! Big G Day from down under Australia Mate XXX ooo

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