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Weekly Forex Forecast (20/12/21) EurUsd / XauUsd + Forex Trading Plan! [HD]

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Weekly Forex Forecast with Full Forex Trading Plan!

Forex pairs & markets covered in this week’s Weekly Forex Forecast & Forex Analysis:


EurUsd, EurJpy, GbpUsd, AudUsd, NzdUsd, NzdChf, NzdJpy, Crude Oil (WTI), AudChf, AudJpy, GbpChf, GbpJpy, EurChf, SPX (S&P 500), Russell 2000, Nasdaq, Dow Jones, Nifty, XauUsd (Gold Analysis), XagUsd (Silver Analysis), Btc/Usd (Bitcoin Analysis) & more!

The Forex analysis outlined in the Weekly Forex Forecast should be used together with professional Risk Management principles to create a complete Forex strategy. Any Forex trader who does not currently have a professional Risk Management process can get one for free in GMT’s Free Forex Trading Course here:

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How to use the Weekly Forex Forecast

The Forex analysis in the Weekly Forex Forecast can be used with any Forex trading strategy but should be used together with professional Risk Management principles to create a complete Forex strategy. Any Forex trader who does not currently have a professional Risk Management process can get one for free in GMT’s Free Trading Course here:

The Price Action of each Forex market is combined with key support and resistance levels, in the direction of the prevailing trend, to create a framework where the odds are in the favour of each Forex trader. We cover why this is crucial to long term success in the Forex markets in detail in the Risk Management section of GMT’s Free Trading Course (

The Forex Forecast video presents the highest probability directional move for every market each week as well as a “work space” for each Forex pair by putting into place the key support and resistance levels.
When assessing the Price Action of each Forex market in the Forex Forecast video we create the analysis using multiple time frames, however the presentation in the Forex Forecast video is made in the 4h time frame.


Learn to trade with the Free Get Me Trading Course which teaches traders how to trade Forex, Stocks, Bonds and Commodities as well as how to trade Forex and Stock Market Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis and Risk Management Principles.

Each section of GMT’s Free Trading Course can be found here:

Forex, Bond & Commodity Market Fundamentals –

Stock Market Fundamentals –

Technical Analysis (Swing Trading & Breakout Trading) –

Risk Management –

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A complete Forex Strategy:

The Weekly Forex Forecast and Technical Analysis video can be combined with GMT’s Free Trading Course to provide a complete Forex Strategy for every Forex trader to approach the Forex markets with each week. It uses the following process to put the odds onto the side of the each Forex trader ensuring long term, sustainable success in the Forex markets:

Directional Bias

By assessing the overall trend of each market a directional bias is created in each Forex pair which helps put the odds on our side for reasons covered extensively in the Risk Management section of GMT’s Free Trading Course.

Support and Resistance

By updating key support and resistance levels in each Forex market each week a “work space” is created allowing each Forex trader to assess potential set ups on a pullback to support and resistance levels or by filtering out trades which might be too close to upcoming support and resistance levels. It is an additional filter which increases the odds further in our favour.


In the Technical Analysis section of GMT’s Free Trading Course both Breakout and Swing Trading techniques are covered and both can be used to enter positions into the Forex markets for set ups as highlighted in the Forex Forecast.

Stop Losses

Stop Loss placement depends on the individual Forex trader with Stop Losses and Position Sizing being covered in great detail in the Risk Management section GMT’s Free Trading Course for any Forex trader who doesn’t yet know how to correctly implement these techniques (


Thanks for watching and a big extra thank you to those who comment, like, share and subscribe to the channel!

Have a great week and don’t forget to trade safely!

Get Me Trading Team



  1. We will all miss you in the next weeks but I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Just so you know that the stock market is open on the 24/12 and on the 31/12.

  2. Thank you – excellent as always. One thought: I'm not sure I agree with the reasoning underlying your bearishness on the kiwi. The poor Q3 GDP figure was not only better than expected, it was driven by the 12-week Auckland lockdown which is now over and is firmly in the rear-view mirror. Other, more coincident, data has shown a fair amount of resilience. With regard to RBNZ policy, I think your belief in their dovishness is misplaced. First, inflation is a real problem and recent comments from RBNZ have – unusually – noted that the kiwi is weaker than it should be. Second, house prices are now part of their mandate and the political pressure on Orr to do something to brake their slowing but nonetheless still steady appreciation is intense. Third, RBNZ is committed to steady rate increases whereas the RBA (and BoE and ECB??) are not. So I'm not saying you're necessarily wrong about the kiwi, and the market appears to be thinking the same as you; but that said, the bearish narrative is imho ill-founded and could reverse quite quickly should the broader market turn risk-on.

  3. Hi John, with a possible expanding interest rate differential throughout 2022 between the USD and JPY; CHF, would you think this carry could be something that the institutional investors are setting up for? Thanks for the content as always and wishing you and your family a merry Xmas and a happy and healthy 2022!

  4. thanks good analysis as always however we never know behind the screen , after this FOMC ,GBP-USD showed bullish momentum but couldnt follow the trend , usually it is easy after FOMC to follow the trend but it came down as you expected but sorry for this couldn't get any position , as kit jumped to 1.3375 stayed 6 hr and then dropped no technical helped or suggested to take any position however i remember at the end of yr this haphazard moves are common thanks

  5. Many thanks John, Great analysis as always. Have a great Christmas and New Year break, looking forward to the 8th when your back, keep well Tony from Sydney

  6. Hey John, I hope to see you how you enter or what strategy you use to enter. Also, live trades and their recap will be awesome.
    You've always did an overall analysis of the forex market but never showing how you place your trades or entries. Hope that is not too much to ask for going into a new year. Have a merry Christmas and Happy new year

  7. I just stumbled upon you! So grateful- what exceptional content. Look forward to New Year!

  8. I really thank you form my bottom of heart John, I learn lot this year from you. Your very a kind person give away free knowledge with highest quality trades… I wish you marry Christmas and happy new year .. Be safe … Thanks

  9. Thank you John for your input, Education , and analysis helping myself and others learn how to make money and knowing how pairs works. I appreciate you. You and your family enjoy your Christmas and a Happy New Year family. Until 2022 see you then

  10. And now I have a question for you, if we see a double top on DXY which force the price to go down, doesn’t it affect on our currency pairs for this week? For example DXY short, so EUR/USD can’t be short as I understand.
    And yes, you are saying horrible things today for Bulls on Stocks 😉

  11. Hello my dear friend John, thank you very much again for this video and all of your efforts, you are a great man who is kindly share his knowledge with other people and asks nothing, I am asking God to help you with everything in your life and wish the best for you and your family.

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