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🟢 Weekly Forex Forecast 14 – 18 February

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  1. Nice analysis teacher but I beg to differ. I think eurusd will reverse upwards from around 1.1307 and even go beyond 1.148. in the same spirit, gbpusd audusd will be bullish while usdcad(1.267) ,usdchf will be bearish (target .9182). This analysis doesn't include usdjpy and gold . Let's see how the market transpires.

  2. THANK YOU SOO MUCH SALAH!! FOR THE EDUCATIONAL VIDEOs.. Ive learned soo much with your videos and have been following you since NOV, 2022!! Ive been part of the Premium Group and I'll say, best investment ever!! I always make my money back and profits also!!. Forex is a very unpredictable business but you explain it very well.

  3. حبيب القلب ممكن تخبرني شو اعدادات التمبلت يلي عم تستخدمو لان فعلا مريح للعين وشكرا سلفا

  4. Hello
    On eurusd, you've said it's a double top yet it last week's mid week or weekly analysis (not sure which is it) you corrected yourself and said it's not a double top . Is it a double top?

  5. Thanks Salah. Interesting to see what’s the news going to be for Russia and Ukraine. I’m going to trade with small lot sizes this week to avoid any big loss 🙂

  6. Thank you for your weekly analysis, really appreciated. I know usdchf it’s a big messy just by looking at the candles. By any chance do you do NZDUSD. Thank you

  7. I currently analyze the market on my own and hardly rely on people's analysis, but honestly speaking watching your weekly analysis has largely influenced my trading style. Thank you for all you do.

  8. Your technicals analysis are what we called in french "QUASI CERTITUDE". I always enjoy watching your videos. Congratulations brother and continue in the same way

  9. next week Rusia Ukraine nd PPI market move .. gold .yen .cad ( oil 94$)..nice analysis Mr ..thank you

  10. 25:10 CHF; it just a pennant , the breakout will put it at 1.1500 very quickly. Check out EURCHF, it is screaming to go for 1.4000 for a retest, that means CHF will be devalued big time. Fundamentally Swiss depends on Europe, and if EUR is going down, CHF will go down bigger time because it is not a big country and their economy is not strong at all, they depend on capital investments , which in times of recession is being held in US bonds.

  11. yep, USDCAD is going up, EURUSD is going to parity and Gold is going for $1,184/oz , the stock market will take the lead on the downside this time.

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