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🚨Weekly Forex CoT Data Forecast Analysis for Forex Trading. CFTC CoT Report Explained. July 5, 2021

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📚 In this live forex trading session we discussed the weekly Forex CoT Data Forecast Analysis for currency trading. CFTC commitment of traders report is an integral part of our currency trading strategies. We use the COT data along with supply and demand zones for high probability FX trades. July 5 – 9, 2021

🎓 Join us and become a student of supply and demand trading. We’ll teach you how to properly draw trendlines, identify where the big banking institutions are buying and selling:

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  1. Thank you for this video btw just going through your content here from Austin recommendations you did a cot report break down on as I’m learning the supply and demand methodology just wanted to show my love and appreciation happy trading stay blessed

  2. Wondering if I can use cot reports confluence as a day trader or more so as a swing trader on a higher time frames??

  3. Kev thank you for your wonerful analysis. There is an obvious lag in what we see in the COT data (due to when it's releaed) compared to current price. I wonder if you played around with adding into your spreadsheet a histroical lag variable that could better predict where price is going to. Which is obviously what we as rertail traders all want to know 🙂
    Look forward to your videos every week.

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