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✅ Weekly Forex Analysis 08 – 12 November

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Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors.


13 Comentários

  1. Your teaching is the best. Thank you for taking your time to explain your chart analysis in detail each week. Very insight information. I appreciate it.

  2. Some of your calls were right in direction but got stop hunted out during news. Only after news did the price go the direction.

  3. Thank you very much Mr. Salah actually I learn a lot about forex technical from you….really appreciate it

  4. I wanna know the results from the premium group in RR. The pips talk doesn't say me anything about the profitability. Is the pips talk just a way to disguise a bad result or what? Off course it will be a lot of wins when your SL is double the size of TP1

  5. And EUR USD you mention only buy number and not mentioned the safe zone number plz check video

  6. You often forget to mention the safe zone. Please remember this – so we can avoid any major damage

  7. thanks i appreciate your work , suggestions signal and free tips on you tube , however a bundle of data , ups and down , market finally did what you predicted , however impact of data , sudden news , made it choppy , however i am afraid GBP -USD , may again rise to same above levels we keep waiting for pull back and that turns into buying , euro-usd i left but only observed your signals on that and not only charts feeling and emotions also work at that time to take positions , i observed 1.1520 of euro always seem support and it want to remain in this range of 1.1750 range , even on non farm pay roll i bought it here as my feel was correct , along with chart formation i am thankful and appreciate your efforts thanks

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