1. ive traded forex successfully for years now…. i'll tell anyone who wants to dip their toe to FORGET ABOUT LUCK. This is THEEEEE most manipulated market out there. STOP LOSS HUNTING LIKE YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN. spend at least 6 months getting used to the way forex moves…. if you can spot a common market structure… you are on your way. If you can't …. leave it…. its not for you. you WILL lose your money… go trade something much easier like crypto.

  2. why calling them "trader" if they are creating poisitions that will blow thaie accounts in 10 pips? these people are simply amateurs gambling.

  3. I must admit that this is a great video but know Crypto-currency trading is very volatile one as such is too risky for bigginers without basic knowledge to make good fortune out of it, I suggest you invest with a reputable broker and enjoy your returns.

  4. Most traders are searching for that elusive method where they never lose or can win eight or nine trades out of 10, amassing huge profits in a short amount of time with no risk.

  5. Risk management is everything, when your babalnce is 200$, why you trade 0.1 lotnumber

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