1. I fucking love yo energy! I’m an aspiring videographer and editor, and I been going ham learning how to trade options, one day I hope to relate to your journey man, thanks for giving me some motivation

  2. Mans greatest burden is unfulfilled potential. Multi millionaire goals billionaire work ethic billionaire goals trillion dollar work ethic

  3. not even gunna front when i first started trading i wasn't really feeling it as much as i do now, why? kuz it felt like its soooooooooo much shit to learn but i was able to keep at it keep learning getting better the pros out way the cons for sure i hated working some bumass job but that job gave me the money that i needed to fund my account(s) i can work from anywhere, any day or time i want, no pressure, no weak ass boss to tell me shit, but 2 years (well this is my 2nd year) its been amazing i learned alot last year & now im chilling like bob dylan, theres no pressure to trade any day you are your own boss the creator of your own reality life is all about risks this risk paid off i think trading is more mental than anything else but once you get tht concept down your good sure it sucks ass losing money in the markets but thats the nature of the game you keep your losses small, but keep rolling ya wins will always be more than ya losses, forex opened mad doors for your boy i learned how to not be broke ever again this allowed me to have the money needed to have several different streams of income so big ups to my man 100 grand TY baby wooooooooooooooooooo

  4. Congratulations on your journey and how far you’ve come ! And thanks for all the content reflection.

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