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  1. I type with one finger. Not good with computers. It would be nice if shoes step by step about the trading bots.
    I love the defi DAO’s wonderland Templar = money. LP = money

  2. Investing 30 – 40% of my salaries to earn $2,000 weekly has been my smartest move so far, My first income: do a 9 – 5 job second income:let my money do the work for me….
    Am not just after the money, but the freedom to do what i want

  3. Imagine jumping through all these hoops putting your capital at risk when you could earn trustless apy with no middle man with hex

  4. Can anyone explain to me what would happen if there was a major sell-off of Bitcoin and/or Ether? Would crypto sellers be able to convert their holdings into fiat or stablecoin in such a scenario? What would happen to defi? Is this a situation of systemic risk?

  5. Such a BS. No risk? :):) U may get delisted with such a stupid claims. Crypto is all the risk and nothing else

  6. @TechLead – do you know anything about pancake swap front running bots? Is it legit and real or not?

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