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Two Best Trading Bot Platforms and Why

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15 Comentários

  1. Pionex is better for grid bots because you can run multiple bots on the same pair. Just start a new one if it gets below the trading range.

  2. How do I sign up for these bots? Send me a link for your patrion please mate I want in ha ha

  3. Love the bot stuff but there's one thing I would like you to cover in depth and that's the risk associated in the event of the grid bot coming outside of its range. What's the worst case scenario. Say If I were to accumulate BTC/ETH now in this range, what could happen if things go bad, what do you end up with?

  4. Thanks for your vids CC… can you explain if there's any downside to setting up a grid bot for any crypto that you intend to hold for any reasonable length of time? Is the underlying value of the" investment" always based on the spot price of that crypto? Cheers

  5. Hi, great content as always. Could you clarify the ramifications of falling 'off grid' for the Bitsgap SBot? Presumably you either end up with extra Base or Quote coins? Additionally, can you simply STOP/PAUSE the Sbot from trading without penalty? Lastly, do you put any store in the % rating ROI that Bitsgap offers on recommended trading pairs? Thanks in advance, C.

  6. Do you have an option to take profit in either quote or base currency on the Pionex Infinity bot?

  7. I have a question. Are you giving us information as soon as you change something on your bots that you are currently running?

  8. Kucoin allows you to adjust your range on the fly as required. Also seems to outperform both of those.

  9. Profit would have been double on bitsgap if u had lower vrid steps around 0.50%… but I can see u wanted to cover more lower range and rightly so for long term. But I doubt the pair isnt the best one u have picked for long term. Cake/btc with 0.5% grid steps would do the job much better than this one. It was pretty stable for me aroubd 1% per day for 44 days. Take out its weekly chart and u can study range. I have made decent profit by following u. Cheers.

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