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Tutorial How to Accumulate Bitcoin Bitsgap Automated Crypto Trading Grid Bot Strategy Setup Guide

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Tutorial Guide How to Setup Bitsgap Automated Crypto Trading Grid Bot Strategy to Accumulate Bitcoin

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  1. Can you do an episode that talks about how to effectively use some of the analysis tools and charts?

    I'm trying to make sense of the BTC Dominance chart that you showed. I have never seen that before … I'd like to understand more about what it is showing and how you set up the chart to show what you are showing.

  2. An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. If you know your way around finance, you'd know better than to panic regardless of the fact that there might be a market crash. That's why when I consider how much in profit I've been able to accumulate from my investments in the crypto market with Darragh Ryan . , and the amount of flexibility I have achieved in my portfolio, and my trading pattern, I see reasons to continue to grow my investments with him.

  3. So depending on who I ask, Kucoin is either legal or illegal for US residents. Apparently US residents aren't eligible to complete KYC2.

    So, should I abandon Kucoin? I like the exchange, but I want to be 100% legit. Should I worry?

  4. After having some doubts on investing in crypto, I feel so ecstatic now on my first profit withdrawal of $16,200 from my $3,400 investment.

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