1. Thank you so much for providing this content. I’ve always known how to enter trades, but the mindset has always been my stumbling block: to take profit early.

    Watching this video series has helped me to see what a profitable trading psychology looks like. I’ve subscribed

  2. I love this dude he so funny he always motivates me although I'm blowing my account in forex all the time.

  3. I see u with the steele reserve!! Crack in a can!! One can get u effd up lol… That was my nickname… 211…

  4. You cant rock a thug life lifestyle and be taken seriously financially.

    Under any circumstances. Ever.

  5. I wasted so much money on imls so grateful to have found your channel ! Your a legend !

  6. I have $10 I'm my account but when I'm trying to place a trade ,it says that I don't have enough money..
    How is that possible?

  7. Hey what’s up FX? Yo I tried starting with the 10 bucs but don’t know how to deposit it

  8. Love the video. Do you still use obv like you used to show in your early videos if not how comes? Thanks

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