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Turbo Your Car – Choosing an Intercooler

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Turbo is officially on the Miata! Now it’s time we make sure that all the air being sucked in by our turbo gets cooled down as much as possible. For this our CX Racing turbo kit comes with a brand new intercooler, so we have to talk how exactly an intercooler system works, what you need to know when picking one, and by the end we’ll have nice cool air getting pumped into our engine.

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  1. I'm looking into getting one soon but seeing that I'd possibly loose my A/C I'm kind of on the fence since I daily drive my car. Is this just one of those situations that happens at random?

  2. Where are the isolation mounts?
    That pipe is going to be rattling and banging like crazy

  3. Zach be like: I had to remove the power steering pump and water pump as well as cylinder 3 as they were getting in the way of the intercooler and piping

  4. Great choice to have that little chunk at the end with music and footage getting it together. These are great videos but must be exhausting to make breaking everything down step by step. More noticeable in these turbo videos and getting to watch it with less explanation was a relief towards the end. Makes me wanna take an auto class to grasp everything

  5. "ThEy DeLeTeD the AC!!"
    Well when you have a car to turbo and $$$ you can not delete the AC.
    Donut is a BUSINESS, they have to make a decision on whether spending money on ANOTHER kit or more piping will be worth showing for PROFIT.

    Provide solutions, dont just complain… these videos are free, unlike all this car work.

  6. I think they should do a show that shows how most major modifications take way more time and effort than most car shows make them seem like. Like for example as some one who lives in Minnesota they should demonstrate dealing with massive amounts of rust or seized bolts. Your one broken bolt away from turning a 2 hour job into a 10 hour + job.

  7. personally would have taken a piece of hose and slit it down the middle to use as a grommet on that hole that you had to cut. Since the tubing is connected to the engine and the engine will flex at least some, the hose going through there will rub-a-dub

  8. I think Zack's next moneypit should seriously be something to replace those airbags or something to keep him safe, also maybe a episode making DIY brackets so you can have AC?

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