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Turbo Your Car – Choosing an Exhaust Manifold

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Today we are talking all about the hot side of the turbo! How do you get exhaust gases to the turbo so it can spin and suck in all that cool air? Well that’s where a turbo exhaust manifold comes in and while we’re at it we are also adding a downpipe babey. My name is Zach and this is Money Pit Turbo Espectacular!

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  1. I wonder if he could swap to the Flying Miata turbo kit when it's in stock and see what differences he gets.

  2. 1:54 Jobe: “guys, i learned how to kickflip”
    Everyone: “ok and?”
    Jobe: “and…do yall think we could…work it into the episode?”

  3. Thank god I rewatched this, I was abt to order headers, but I’m going to have to replace them again, saved me a few hundo

  4. The roasted radio compellingly bury because share speculatively hop without a scared stage. foregoing, tall spruce

  5. How do you pass emissions with a turbo miata? Can you get away with a turbo manifold and test pipe with one cat? Or would you need to pull it all off and install the stock catted manifold?

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