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  1. I have opened PO account and deposited but have not heard from Neos re private or robot

  2. This days Bitcoin is how people create Wealth I'm happy I started investing from
    pandemic crash and now l'm gaining much in

  3. Thank you Neo. The robot is a rock. I've been following it, 2× a day. And making some profits. Peace

  4. hello hello hello what happened bro.. i try to send you message .. i have some bigggest question….. you ignore me 5 times in 2 week without no relay… i need talk!!!!! i am afraid i join your pocketoptiion but you still ignore me without approval signal robot?

  5. trying my best, but I think there is a lag between the time the bot takes a trade and I get the signals so I try to anticipate 30 seconds

  6. Mrs Pamela Morgan and her method works like magic I keep earning single week with new strategy

  7. One of a kind robot. Ive just acquired you and you make my trading exciting. The best decision i made . Thank you Neos. ❤

  8. I am a newbie, but can you explain how a bot can give signals for OTC market when its controlled by the broker and not real-time data.

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