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Trading Forex With $400,000 | REVEALING What It’s Really Like

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What’s it really like to be a funded FTMO trader and My Forex Funds trader? I’m currently trading forex with $400,000 worth of funded capital and it’s not exactly what you might expect.

You’ll get a small peak into my morning routine and we’ll go over 3 lessons that I’ve learned since passing the FTMO challenge. Enjoy!

0:00 – Not what you think
4:49 – Can anyone become a full-time trader?
8:48 – Flashy lifestyle
11:24 – Routine & habits
14:50 – Don’t quit


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  1. wow and yeah thats how i should start this comment! Matt even if im "late" in your channel feels so great that im here now, you speak the truth buddy and i love how much effort you putting on your videos hope we gonna have an amazing summer with a lot of life surprises and keep going and achieving our goals hope ya'll gonna have the greatest summer of your life!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing. Do you have advice for someone just starting out with guerilla trading and working a 9-5?

  3. HELP PLEASE…. Is there a trading combine company that gives accounts to provable successful traders without the upfront fee???. I come from Bohol Philippines and a typhon destroyed 85% of all the homes here last Christmas and I just can't get the fee needed after repairing my home. Even the $50 promo's around this month. I can trade, I can get the profit target and not hit the stop loss amount, and keep to the rules. I have practiced for over 2 years, so I know the ropes. I just need this job and income desperately. I you know of such a company please tell me, kind regards, steven

  4. It's ok to sell courses if you give real value. But 99% of this guru's don't even trade for a living, they live off the courses, and therefore are in no position to teach anything.

  5. yesss bro so true !! the MOSSSST important thing is, starting to do EVERYDAY SPORT !!! some gym, walking/jogging , one question bro if you could recommend me the most informativ trading video of you, which would it be ? i am already a bit experienced (2 years trading) , i am 23yo economics student, wanting to learn trading to its fullest. which video of you is the best for a advanced trader, learning ftmo/ MFF . thanks !

  6. That gym defo used to be a church..anyways, ur monthly return of avg 2-4%,dont u think u can perform more than that?

  7. This is out of topic but You should upload a video on money management and how you manage your finances, breakdown on monthly expenses etc

  8. I look up to you as trader,as me myself I'm on a journey of becoming a full time prop trader sometime in the near future and you showcase the reality and keep it real,not flashy like others on youtube where all they do is flex.

  9. Do you mind to share your average monthly percentage gain? Do you follow the 1% risk per trade?

  10. Making money from NFT doesn’t require you creating them but you can make money by simply trading NFTs. If you’re ready get more tip, contact mrs Hana with her details above.

  11. In traders Prop Accounts is Hedging Allowed by which firms? Also For Hedged positions Is any margin required after hedging is completed? For open hedged positions carried overnight how is daily loss limit calculated next day of trading(and for total loss limit)?.Thank you.

  12. This is exactly what people need to see & hear regarding forex. Thank you Matt.

  13. I’ve been trading for going on two years and this week will be my first payout from MFF. Granted a small payout from a small account; it is still so gratifying pulling money out of the markets. Less is more and the simpler the better that’s what I believe.
    P.S in a world full of Lambo gurus be a Matt

  14. To be honest it depends on your trading style and how much it wins. Im legit doing an FTMO right now and my average win gives me 2% and my average loss in 0.5 or less. You just need to stick to your trading plan. My biggest issue right now is fulling knowing what OrderFlow the macro timeframe is in and trading with it but I have never failed an FTMO challenge since december. Last week i didnt pass my challenge by $500…Its tough but once you fully grasp your strategy its not hard to average at least 5% a month on your account.

  15. When you reached the Highest Level of 2M $ Funded Account its only a question of when to buy the Lambo rather than if it is possible…

  16. Hey matt. Have you thought thought about passing additional firms to build your overall capital.

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