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Three Line Strike Candlestick Pattern for Sniper Entry (Forex)

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The three line strike candlestick pattern is the closest thing you will find to a sniper entry in forex and day trading. This candlestick pattern clearly shows a reversal pattern and indicate the best sniper entry point for every trade.

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  1. Hi Arty. Thank you soo much for these videos. About the engulfing candle… It only has to be bigger than the previous candle's body? not the wick? I noticed some engulfing candles in this video are smaller then the previous candle body and wick.. but yes they are bigger than the body only. thank you

  2. Hi Arti.
    Thanks for very nice videoes. How can I get the indicator "pip hunter baseline overlay"? Every time I try too activied the indicator it just say "study error"?
    I have a pro account on tradingview

  3. Thanks for all the good content. As a beginner in trading, I have learnt a lot from you, specially this sniper entry technique. I have created a pine script to help me to detect and to alert me when the engulfing is formed. I would like to share the script with every one here. Please let me know if that is possible 😀

  4. Arty…. usually this situation, would it be on bigger TF or smaller TF, if smaller is it best on TF 1 min or 5 min? I usually confused on which TF should I be looking for the three line strike …

  5. I can't believe this strategy has worked out for me so nicely….I flipped $1,000 to $4,000 in one week…I appreciate your work, continue giving us the best content

  6. Used on crypto on the 5minute chart and it's a great strategy. Just make sure 21SMMA > 50SMMA > 200SMMA for up trends and opposite for down trend. Thanks Arty!

  7. ARTY….Question please. I you said in one of your videos to only target/trade the first move through the 200 ema, but in another video (avoiding the trap), you said to wait for price to move through the ema, come back and retest, then continue trend….and get in a trade at that point. It would seem as though these two pieces of advice contradict. Can you clarify please.
    Many thanks for your awesome content. I am sharing your vids far and wide.

  8. I looked the the pip hunter indicator….didn't see it. Would you include a link when you respond please.


  9. How do you short a trade on a bearish candle? Isn’t it that you only make money on the upward trend?

  10. Hey mate thanks for another great video!!!
    The links don't seem to be working
    And new links ?

  11. I'm confused on the three lines.
    I checked a stock and on 5m time frame, it was three lines red followed by one green.
    However, when I checked 2m, it was not there.
    Do we check all time frames for those three lines or just on the time frame we are trading?

  12. Can't get the second indicator you used in the video….. How do I get it on Trading view…. Thank you for the video

  13. Hey buddy, tried to open your indicators and got an error from tradignview, says it violates the house rools and its unavailable…what to do ? i like your indicators, seems a lot of help

  14. Years looking charts, following hundreds of channels and i have never seen so many worthly videos as you show. Great job.

  15. Not really sure why/how, but you 'popped up' on my YouTube front page yesterday.
    Just wanted to say "great job" some real nuggets on here.
    I scalp Dax & Dow on the 1 & 3min combo using a different range of indicators – but you are absolutely on-point.

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