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This Crypto AI Trading Bot EARNED $4,160?!

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This cryptocurrency trading bot powered by Artificial Intelligence and its AI trading bot signals earned $4,160?! Let’s review BCUBE and the B-Cube AI Trading Bot and Crypto Signals! Subscribe to VoskCoin –

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Everyone wants to earn money 24/7 so trading bots are always appealing, and crypto trading bots are even more appealing as FOREX trading is not as lucrative as some people will lead you to believe. Countless millionaires have been made thanks to cryptocurrency investments from the big coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum to the smaller shitcoins. B-Cube launched their own token, BCUBE to power their trading bot platform AND their AI powered crypto trading bot. Let’s review how this AI cryptocurrency trading bot earned $4,160?!

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Earning $4160 in BTC in 4 months
02:59 What is the BCUBE platform
04:09 Trading bots using Artificial Intelligence
05:00 Earning passive income by making trading bots?
05:54 This crypto trading bot makes 47% monthly returns?
07:00 The team behind BCUBE
07:37 The $BCUBE Token
10:03 Past performance is no guarantee of future results

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  1. If I had 13k to buy a bitcoin miner I would do it but I started small with a bobcat miner which hopefully brings in enough to expand.

  2. i have seen a lot of videos and syill dont know what miner to buy im getting a bobcat but i want bitcoin

  3. The new CheCoin token has just exceeded $14 million in market cap in less than three days, what do you think about it ?

  4. The Checoin is for me the best opportunity at the moment. CheCoin rewards the holders in BNB every hour, it got back my investment in only 24 hours and have already made a 10X !!!

  5. I don't recommend using b-cube. I signed up and tossed $1,500 at the bot. After going back and forth with the support/discord and telegram community/employees, we were unable to get the bot to work after 5 days. Once I asked for a refund, they promptly provided it, however, I immediately got massive spam to my inbox. The company itself is not very active on the discord. There was a moderator named Alexx who was helpful, but once he was stumped, the actual company was non-responsive and was just happy to offer the refund. The SPAM is super annoying tho.

  6. Yes, will you please test out their bot & let us know how it worked for you? Thank-you!!

  7. Reminds me of a teacher in school.. trying to tell you but just not quite telling you how… prolonging the answer… yeah I'm out✌

  8. You did forget that the token utility is also VC fund and they will offer a tier system to token holders to participate in seed round investments

  9. So im not buyin this, i have clients who sell their trading Ai for hundreds of thousands a year. This is either a really cheap version of a "trade ai" or nothing close to it.

    You will need also hundreds of thousands in crypto to let the trade Ai do his thing.

  10. If these crypto bots are making micro trade transactions each triggering a tax event, that alone could wipe out said gains?

  11. Throw some money and let us peasants know how it goes. Don't invest more money than I can afford to loose. Which in this case is your money so I don't care. YW

  12. I know the YouTube algorithm requires a title to lure numbnuts with an IQ below 20 for your video to get recommended. But can you make the title a little less useless? 46% in 4 months is not standard as bot performance.

  13. I tried this for 3 weeks and the bot wouldn't fully diversify my portfolio. At the most I held 12% altcoins and the rest in bitcoin. Ended up cancelling my subscription and doing it myself.

  14. A low budget starting would be nice to see and if its worth, ppl can allways put more money.
    Keep up with the good content!

  15. You have to compare it to a baseline. If just leaving it in Bitcoin during that timeframe, would it be more or less than the $4000whatever? For Ethereum? Etc.?

  16. How much money would you need to invest to earn 2k monthly passive income? And what would your process be to accomplish that income.

  17. For the dodgy comments, you can just hide a user from the channel, which hides all their comments and future comments too. It takes like 10 seconds to do.

    You do it by selecting the three dots on the comment and then just select hide user, that’s it, all comments hidden / removed and no future ones will appear.

    Some social media channels leave them there for the numbers and having more engagement, which is wrong. Nothing compares to a happy audience (not saying Vosk is doing this BTW, but just a general observation on a lot of crypto channels)

  18. I gotta say, I'm not impressed with your choice of vendors. I wanted to order one of those mini-doge devices you advertised in your last video and I sent them a pre-sales email. Now days later, I'm still waiting for a response. Not cool …

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