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  2. Please talk more about your principle- not necessarily sharing your exact ones- but your mindset behind it

  3. I follow you for the concise, honest content…a clear uncolored documentation of the trading journey…your consistency and discipline it admirable…keep inspiring!

  4. Venturing into the trading world without the help of a professional trader and expecting profits is like turning water into wine, you would need a Miracle, that's why i trade with Erna solberg, her skills set is exceptional.

  5. Hey hannah what if your funded account it will become negative? Will the ftmo cover your negative losses? Or you’re the one to pay?

  6. I noticed you are using supply and demand to get your lvls I could be wrong but it's a solid price action strategy

  7. Why would you go through all the blood, sweat and tears of becoming a consistent profitable trader only to become a funded trader? The whole point of trading is financial freedom (and free time!), and not to work for someone else.. It´s like just doing another 9 to 5… Not to mention it´s gonna be way harder in your psyche trading using other people´s money (it´s already challenging using your own).

  8. Hannah am just starting off on this journey but don't know what to do or how to go about it. Would love to have you guide me

  9. I think having two funded accounts with two different prop firms is a good idea and then add half the profits into your personal account and build that up

  10. Life is all about breathing. Rhythmic breathing.

    You can't just breathe in and keep the breath there, can you?

    You can't just breathe out and keep the breath there, can you?

    The smooth rhythm of breathing in Sanskrit is called Yoga – where you take to give!

    How can this principle be applied to trading – that is for you to decide! In fact almost about everything in life!

  11. just seeing your smile on camera makes me happy. me knowing that you are happy with your career with trading brings joy to my heart! may God bless you!!

  12. Do you have recommendations on which currency pairs to trade during the Philippine daytime on M15 or H1? Preferably closing all trades at end of week. Appreciate the help. Thanks Hannah!

  13. I dnt know if you Know this but……

    I Love you Hannah…..Such an insightful somebody…..and not to mention free Spirited….hope to get funded one day too and we can have that bitter coffee and i can get more experience from u as a top trader……..

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