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The Simple Forex Strategy That Made Me Profitable | Simple Strategy

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Today I show you my main trading strategy. Using these risk management tips you can transform any strategy into a profitable one this was the most profitable strategy that I’ve created. In this video I show you exactly how to follow this simple strategy and trade using it.
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Everyone learns at their own pace , nothing in forex is guaranteed and past profits do not guarantee future profits. I am in no way giving you financial advice and any money you lose is 100% at your own power. Enjoy the education!!
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  1. You‘r just awesome!! You helped me so mouch understanding where the preis is going to. The best stuff on youtube ever!!

  2. Great video as always. The reason price reacts at engulfing candles is because most of the times there are Fair Value Gaps (FVGs) within the engulfing candles at a lower time frame.

  3. I am lately suspicious of everybody who give trading instructions for free. Your lessons sound good in theory, and in retrospect. You will prove that you have something valuable to share with the community when you will trade live, applying your trading strategy in real time. Otherwise, it’s another bait and hook approach in which the novice trader fall prey to the ulterior motives of the “teacher”

  4. My notification bell is never going off on your vids

    You’ve really built confidence in my naked chart trades

  5. Man sorry but what u try to do here… Since 2018 im profitable and follow my strategy… Im old enough…. The market doesent work like this….

  6. Thanks for this awesome content. It's trading gold. Can you please do a video talking about your thought process when choosing the pairs/indices you're going to trade on any given day and any thoughts on the best lot sizes to use?

  7. Hi…have little confuse…after the break…were should i entry? Because un one video you took about oder block….in another you say something different…in this you took about support or resis so finally im confuse

  8. Talking about stocks, forex and cryptocurrency trading is the most profitable venture i ever invested in, i reached my goal of $130k monthly trade earnings. Wondering if viewers here are familiar with miss Alice Rogers trading strategy…?

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