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The Secrets to Become a Great Forex Trader [MOTIVATIONAL]

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A Forex Motivational video to inspire everyone who started to learn forex, to never give up on their dreams! Forex is never easy, it’s never simple market, it’s a market that needs a lot of experience in trading, Learning forex is a long journey and it has just started for so many, I hope this video will rise up their spirits and get them motivated to learn more about forex.

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  1. I have been trading forex since 3 years, also do money management, still I keep making losses, I work on one setup in my trading like sport resistance and super trend and moving average, all these combined I like to trade but in the end I end up losing, I don't understand what I am doing wrong. I trade in Gbpsd only.

  2. Great sharing of video about forex market and how it will help us achieve financial dreams. Thanks

  3. The best Motivational Speech / Video I ever heard at the time when very much needed.

  4. Trading is a journey for self evolution, every time you evolve and became a better version of yourself so does you account.

  5. FACTS! I cant add or take away anything from what's being said here… I've struggled since 2017 but it's only recently that I found my holy grail, a strategy and a systematic approach tailored for me by me which is basically just lessons learned from trial and error. If you want it bad enough, you'll get it, a way will be made where there seems to be no way, patterns will be revealed as you learn and grow! Never give up fellow investor, You'll get there. TRUST ME!

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  7. You are Going to be My Best Teacher in Forex …
    Also You get New and Permanent Subscriber..
    Love From Pakistan

  8. thank you for motivation me .. i am a one who calculating on losses.. now on i will learn from the losses..
    Your must help me to over come by losses from forex. Please

  9. thank you i felt so much rage putting time into learning and keeps losing but i will not give up i will try again… thank you

  10. Best motivational video I know, I watch it everyday before l sleep and it has helped me so much to drive all my attention towards the Market no matter what happens.

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