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The Most Simple Forex Strategy That Works

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Today I share with you, the most simple forex strategy that works. During my Years of forex I’ve learned a lot, the most/key concepts I’ve learned came from the charts it self. Forex is a language and once you learn it, you become fluent. Today I share with you the most fluent strategy that works. Use proper risk, apply this strategy and you’ll see how beneficial keeping it simple can be.
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Everyone learns at their own pace , nothing in forex is guaranteed and past profits do not guarantee future profits. I am in no way giving you financial advice and any money you lose is 100% at your own power. Enjoy the education!!



  1. Incredible. Have watched hundreds of trading videos and you are the most clear and concise. Thank you so much for sharing this it's working well for me!

  2. Hi Simple Forex, thank you for your simple forex strategy video. I just started forex and has been
    watching a lot of your videos and practising them a lot too. My only problem is you have only a few videos, so if you can make three or four videos a week, it will really help. I just join the discord and hope to get a lot of information there. Well done and more grease to your elbow, keep the fire burning.

  3. I've watched this video 3 times and applied it to strategy. using the right risk management and all the other things you teach my account is slowly. BUT SURELY growing! You are a great youtube teacher. Keep it up

  4. First mistake you do not look at a minor chart as such. AUDCHF is a minor currency hence traders dont look at it. they go and execute through the major because of potential liquidity problems. Thats how the interbank market is looking at it.

  5. I would like to see your strategy with subtitles in Korean someday

    I go back to the translator and study hard

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