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  1. Hey guys, again, I am not a financial advisor. There will be no disrespect tolerated. I do love constructive criticism, but please be respectful. On that note, happy trading and see you all in the next video!

  2. I always get taken out and lose my funds how do I stop that…is my stop loss too high? Or the ratio thing like 0.05 for a $50 account?

  3. Samara great show… Question: Is there a single person on youtube in the stock market that has done more than 1 video and has not developed a Stock Market Class….. Just asking..

  4. What exchange platform is used for this? I trade within the stock market but I’ve been wanting to get into this here

  5. Always good content! Explained so simply and concisely! I’m a beginner trader and Im learning but haven’t been able to find the right times to get into the market, any suggestions?

  6. i’ve been trying to trade through mt4 the past couple months and i’ve only been loosing. Any advice

  7. Thank you Pharmacist and FX trader. You're the best. I missed your give away. More numbers to your subscription list.

  8. Hey! You look so beautiful by the way❤️ I just wanted to let you know that from watching your videos I am now comfortable and confident in opening my live account and start trading! I cannot thank you enough thank you thank you thank you!

  9. Great info. How many times should you update your support and resistant lines and how do you determine when to update them ? Us 30 moves quickly in the market

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