1. I use a personal accout alongside the prof firms as well and have found it to be an effective way to counter the problem you are having. I have been profitable on the personal account, even though I have yet to pass a prop firm challenge. Granted, the personal account only has $5K in it, but it tells me I can trade profitably, but am not yet able to pass the challenges.

  2. USD/JPY- If you draw a rising support line from dec to feb you would have not bought at 115 as you'd know you were on a pullback. Notice before it skyrockets there's a nice hidden bullish divergence on the last dip. Try simple trend lines/ channels. Also multi timeframe is good to find divergence and switch to a smaller tf entry with less risk or more leverage for equal risk as higher tf.
    And don't put pressure on yourself. This is already really hard to learn, It took me a year of trading every day to stop loosing money:)
    Hope this helps and good luck!

  3. Thanks for sharing. I'm also in the 50 K evaluation with MFF.
    Looking at your history…
    1. It's impressive that you have really not had to go beyond a standard lot size.
    2. Your biggest winner was Aud/Cad yet over the next 9 days you never traded it again.
    3. On your biggest loser, EUR/CHF, you let it run over 40 pips before exiting.
    4. All of your losers were over 30 pips! Why not tighten your stop loss?
    5. Especially disturbing to see your loss on UJ because that pair moves at a snail's pace, which
    means you had to hold a losing position for a mighty long time. Again, why?

    The 50K challenge works out to $133.33 dollars per day for 30 days. After those first 3
    winners, you were so far ahead of pace that you could afford to be real picky about the next trades
    and even decline to trade if the environment looks toxic (choppy, no follow through etc.)

    Good luck to you.

  4. Mam can you provide me funded account i have knowledge but don’t have money to buy funded account

  5. I had a look at the 5%ers site, the 6 month timeframe is quite appealing. I noticed that there is also a $100k bootcamp option which you can do over 3-12 months with x3 demo challenges. Obviously a slightly longer route to funding but a very cost effective option at €85. Did you consider this at all?

  6. I've actually unsubscribed from your channel as you just wind me up with your craziness, but I saw your thumbnail and clicked on it. There you go again, winding me up again. Why? Because you're trading 12 or more instruments!!! And there you are wining that you're not making progress, and like a spoilt child you want to switch prop firms. You're trading is counter productive because of correlation. I can't explain correlation to you in this short time so here's a link that will explain it for you, hope it helps. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ykrp7eq6Nj8

    I would stick to around three instruments, and this came to mind moments ago. One pair for you, one for your hubby and one for the baby. Get to know their characters and stick to those three pairs and hope you'll find improvement – See you.

  7. I've suffered a loss on my account…it's quite devastating, and it has been hard for me to even look at the charts or open my platform. I finally am feeling better, and want to improve my risk management. It's been tough.

  8. Wow. Thanks for the honesty. A simple moving average would have helped with trade direction on at least 2 of your trades…you definitely took them in the wrong direction. I use 2 and nothing else except support and resistance. Have never ever traced trendlines.

  9. look into mentfunding, one step evaluation and unlimited time to gain 10% on the account to pass.

  10. You did a good job here. I dealt with a lot of inexperience and struggle with a series of recurring losses during my rookie days trying to make profit from trading. I earn almost thrice what I lost even more with help. Although I'm not a millionaire yet, I'm making enough to live comfortably.

  11. I am a swing trader, I do not think MFF is good for swing traders or maybe its just my strategy. MFF drawdown rule makes it very hard for swing traders,

  12. u say ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmm or foammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm doesnt matter. What matters is dont take money to your mind and heart… just look at it as just a number and always remember the GOD who created you has destined you to get something.. no one in the world can stop it!!!

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