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SO EXCITED – Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door (Blind) Part 1 (TTYD)

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  1. Up front and honest, I kinda cried a little from the nostalgia. Thank you for making a blind play through

  2. I think the crazy thing is that this game looks BETTER on the Gamecube, a 20 year old console. The framerate's higher and it's harder to spot pixels on the edges of the character sprites and objects.

  3. YESssssss! I am almost done watching Brilliant Diamond but I couldn't wait to start this one!!

  4. Never played this game and I don’t know anything about it, but it’s really interesting so far! Rogueport is definitely pretty different from what I’ve come to expect from a Mario game, it’s so weird seeing a toad refer to Princess Peach as “that chick”

  5. Well, seems like the time has come.

    Everybody prepare yourselves for one wild ride.

    And here's a small bit of information that might be useful for you in the long run of this game, Roamer:
    You can rewind the dialogue-boxes with the Z-Button.
    If you misread something or want to reread certain dialogue, then press Z.
    It might be useful here and there.

  6. YOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THIS IS GONNA BE SO HYPE, I'M EXCITED! This is in my top 10 favorite games of all time, its really amazing truly

  7. I believe its possible to record in a 4:3 aspect ratio, which eliminates the black bars on the left/right on youtube

    If you enjoyed the first Paper Mario and its characters, I think this one will knock it out the park for you, still one of my favourite games ever made! 😀
    Also Merry Christmas to you, your fam and anyone that reads this comment~ <3

  9. I am so glad youtube recommended me this. This game was a huge part of my childhood and its so cool to see someone experience it for the first time

  10. This game has to be one of the best Mario games I've ever played, hands down. Can't wait to see more of your playthrough, I have a good feeling that you'll enjoy it.

  11. Man, the memories are flooding back! I had the Player's Choice version of this game on the Gamecube. I remember as a kid not using the tattle ability for most of the game. I mean, being able to get through the game without the tattle ability as a kid impresses me but also reminds me how dumb it is not to tattle enemies! lol. I also remember upgrading mostly HP throughout this game. I can't believe I beat this game as a kid with just almost max HP xD

  12. The big issue with re-releasung this game is that it's the one where Intelligent Systems, the developers, were given free reign to make whateber they eanted and they went WILD. (They make the Fire Emblem games) This game tackles politics, corruption, the dark underbelly of showbusiness, racism, mob tactics, climate change, education policies, death, loss, abuse, depression, generational apathy, and even the transgender experience. I am not kidding. No way Nintendo would reopen that can of worms today. So it probably never gets a new release or remaster.

    This is also why this game is so precious to so many of us. It isnt afraid to talk about or tackle these issues. It's in the context of Mario, of course, but it's still profound.

  13. The MUSIC of this game is really one of its most timeless features. Up there with Pokemon Explorers of Sky and Mario Galaxy, and you can tell given how much they are used as bgm by everyone on YouTube!

  14. Really looking forward to this series, I know you will love this game! Have a great playthough!

  15. In battle you need press the buttons at the perfect time. If you miss the timing you will do less danage or not counter an enemy attack.

  16. Oh man… The most formative game of my childhood. It has some bit that show their age, but some parts have aged TOO well. I really look forward to this saga! (I'll be happy to share nonspoiler lore background and maybe a tip periodically.. I'll start by saying that exploration is like Partners in Time, where you CAN miss some things but it's not too often you'll miss stuff. But, should you choose, you can talk to everyone, and many folks' dialogue will update over the course of time)

  17. That thing in the top left when you save isn't a GameCube thing, but an emulator thing. I'm not tech savvy enough to know if there is a way to disable that. I also noticed the frame rate is chugging a bit, its not unbearable, but it is noticeable. I'm not tech savvy enough to fix that though, but maybe someone can give you some tips to increase emulator performance. So excited for this though, its gonna be hard having to wait for each episode!
    Also, every button except the L button is used, so I'd make sure they are all configured! Although the D-Pad (not Analogue Stick or C-Stick) is really only used for "quick menuing", so those aren't really important. The C-Stick (not Analogue Stick or D-Pad) is used to scroll text, so you really only need to configure the up and down part of it. Obviously configuring all buttons is ideal, but just saying what you can get away with not configuring for this game if you need to for some reason.

  18. Just a comment about visual stuff with the emulation so far. The game seems to be running slower than it usually should on original hardware. It's also a problem I don't see happen usually with the Dolphin emulator, so maybe check your settings. (I'm not an expert on emulation or the Dolphin emulator). The game also seems to lag even further at certain times in the video too. For instance, it seemed to lag on the times you were supposed to use the action commands in battle, or when there are a lot of characters on screen.

  19. I'm SO HYPED. This is the series I've been waiting for since I found this channel when you had played Paper Mario 64. Did you notice that the opening of this game mirrors that of PM 64 with the pan in shot of Mario's house and the letter being delivered? The mail koopa that delivered the letter was even Parakarry, your partner from the first game.

  20. The thousand-year wait is finally over, and I'll be darned if it wasn't worth every second! I love this game to bits, just seeing the intro gives me that warm fuzzy feeling.

  21. i dont believe it. this must be a fake vid. after 4 years. impossible xd. but lets goooo finally ttyd

  22. 28:18-Fun fact, in the Japanese version of this game, this pretty nasty looking house had blood and an outline of a toad on the ground, implying a murder happened there. That detail was removed in the versions in other countries. Anyway, I'm glad you are playing this game, this is my favorite RPG.

  23. I have completed this game several times. A couple of these times were 100%. Blind let's plays of TTYD are the closest way I can play the game for the first time again. Since nothing is new for me in the game anymore, I like watching someone else play it with fresh eyes, discovering the world, and hopefully loving it like I did.

    I am sure many people wonder why gaming and let's plays are popular on YT. I think this is one of the biggest reasons, or at least this is how I look at it.

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