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SIMPLEST POSSIBLE Trading Bot with Python using the Binance API

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Happy New Year all! 🙂
Based on some feedback I built probably the simplest form of a trading bot and tried my best to make it accessible for beginners.
The Bot is holding coins which fulfill the condition of the Fast SMA (7 time step window) being above the Slow SMA (25 time step window). I am considering hourly data here.

Please watch the mentioned video beforehand:

Please also watch the linked videos below that video. I am assuming some knowledge on the Binance API in this video.

Set up Binance API video:

Video on setting up Cronjobs:

Check out my GCP playlist to execute scripts on a Virtual Machine:

If you want to support me you can register for Binance with this link, but don’t feel forced to:

Disclaimer: This video is not an investment advice and is for educational and entertainment purposes only! Cryptocurrency and automated trading is bearing a high amount of risk which might result in a total loss of your invested capital.

00:00 – 01:58 General Explanation / Prerequisites / Disclaimer
01:58 – 02:58 Creating the initial csv file
02:58 – 03:32 Libraries
03:32 – 06:10 Position frame and Position Change
06:10 – 08:04 Pulling (hourly) price data from Binance
08:04 – 09:45 Calculate technical indicators and last row relevance
09:45 – 15:40 Main Trading function
15:40 – 17:08 Recap of how the Trading function works
17:08 – 18:14 Running the Trading function
18:14 – 18:15 RIP Headphone users (sorry)
18:15 – 18:38 How to deploy this script (covered in linked videos)
18:38 – 19:02 My promise!

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  1. please cover momentum ranking of stocks, as many small cases charging hefty fees for this in india, like ranking in NSE 500(S&P500) with 12 month look back period, % down from All time high ranking. it will be immense help for retail investors. Thank you very much for sharing your wisdom.

  2. Hi Algo, I just wanted to say huge thanks for what you are doing on this channel, you helped me a great deal!

  3. Hi, thanks for your share.
    I got an error message :
    "BinanceAPIException: APIError(code=-1013): Filter failure: LOT_SIZE"
    Can someone help me please ?

  4. It you need suggestions for new simple strategies i have one for you.
    A simple two ema strategy, a short and long one (ie 5 candle for short and 13 for long). But for the long ema, if in buy mode use the hourly low candle values and for sell use the hourly high candle values.
    In buy mode if short ema crosses below long ema activate trailing price buy and only buy if price increases a trailing buy percentage ie 0.4% from the lowest price and in sell mode if short ema crosses up long ema activate trailing price sell and sell when price drops x% from the highest price.
    Using multiple currency in a csv file and then automate it with os scheduler is brilliant imo so you should include code to prevent hitting the binance api limits.
    I hope you find this strategy intriguing and hope to see a video about it. Thanks.

  5. Thank you for all the videos about python tradng. For this one how would you update it so that it would not hit the binance api limits?

  6. Hi Algo!! Great video and thank you a lot for that! Do you believe that trading with Heiken Ashi candes is a good idea?

  7. I already have a question and is that if… Do you have earnings from actually doing this?

    I'm from Mexico and I have the idea to pull between $10 and $15 dollars per day, like $200 or $300 mexican pesos… Do you see this a reality?

  8. Hi Algo.
    Thanks for the video.
    I have done a small bot for bybit, and now I will check to do something to connect with binance. So these videos will be appreciated.
    Quick question, I am using btbyt testnet for my initial tests.
    Is there something similar for binance?

  9. Ich stoße bei festen Quantitäts Angaben früher oder später auf einen Error, aufgrund der Gebühr. Warum du nicht?

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  11. I have been  scammed more than 10 times but to this great dude change my life better with 38.5Bitcoin ❤❤

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  13. i will never forget  you for the 25btc you give me me into my Wallet

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