1. kindly assist me With deposit information coz i see $5 and expand the entry and exit points its good

  2. Wonderful I love everything, do you train people one on one or via team viewer and at how much

  3. Can you be my tutor? I want to understand this trading much better. YouTube lessons don't go deeper as I would like

  4. You a scammer…..100 pips in one day…we actual traders will tell you not to listen to this video…she is saying 100 pips in one day but her chat already the dates at the bottom give her away

  5. Do a video on indicators..how do you set up..and also basics to drawing support and resistance levels

  6. Hey Esther,
    Do you offer one on one mentorship? If yes how much do you charge?

  7. Wonderful !! You ARE GOOD!!
    Just discovered your channel and I think you are amazing. Been doing this for some time now and believe me, you are good. Kudos.

  8. Hey Esther, I would like to train with you. Please share your contact, how can you be reached?

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