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SIMPLE Forex Strategy That Works On Every Time Frame | FOREX STRATEGY

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Today I share with you, the most SIMPLE forex strategy that works on every time frame. Using years of forex strategy, I show you how trading reversals of trends combined with key concepts in forex can make you easy money.
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Everyone learns at their own pace , nothing in forex is guaranteed and past profits do not guarantee future profits. I am in no way giving you financial advice and any money you lose is 100% at your own power. Enjoy the education!!



  1. Seems too good to be true. Is it really this simple or are many variables and potential obstacles left out? What’s the win rate from month to month, and over the course of a year?

    Thank you

  2. Omg this is the most simplest video ever explained, after 2 months of trading i now finally understood how trend lines work, thanks soo much, actually works too

  3. This is the best video on Forex trading that I’ve ever seen; and I’ve seen a lot! Thank you for such a simple and insightful trading strategy.

  4. The beauty of sticking to a 1:2 (or higher) risk/reward is that even a 35% win-rate strategy is still profitable… If you had a 35% win-rate strategy, its probably time to find a new strategy, but you could lose 65 trades out 100 and still be a profitable trader.

  5. Trend was broken at 35665 02 feb a t23.00 it is now going downand is at 35063 . if everything is valid should i expect the price to go to33845 which would be 1191 pips!!

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