Setting up the Ledger Nano S

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Pick up your own Ledger Nano S:

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Looking to invest in some bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, or other cryptocurrencies? If so, you’re going to want a wallet to keep your money in your control.

The Ledger Nano S is a hardware wallet that stores your tokens offline, safely away from bad people on the internet.

Have any questions, drop me a line in the comments or checkout their website.

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  1. I just came for the bonus content. Couldn't figure out how to attach the lanyard. Finally opened my ledger after ordering it a year ago. It was sitting in a basement in the unopened package.

  2. Disagree… could possibly be the biggest p***y repellent at the bar. However, trying it out at tech conferences or hackathons def a better chance at scoring. 😉

  3. Hello 🙂 I have a ledger device. I would like to ask you as an extensively oriented person, did you ever wonder if the entire cryptocurrency market is decentralized and there is no one to report any incidents (eg we do not have anyone to report the theft of violence or intimidation of our portfolio or currency because there is no way of proving this action) Will it not be that in the future there will be many gangs that will steal from violence, intimidate our cold wallets and will not feel unpunished, because as I said there is no way to prove it to the police or court ? I also have a second question that bothers me. What if it turns out that the company ledger or trezor hack our cryptocurrency? After all, those 24 or 25 words that are displayed in order to save and protect, they are sent to the ledger and trezor company database, because we connect the device to the computer with access to the Internet. Thanks in advance for your answer.

    What also if the company ledger or trezor will fall and I will lose my ledger / trezor at this time and I will not be able to buy another one? Thank you in advance for replying 🙂

  4. hello admin!! when we send or received coin we must connect to internet or not?? thanks

  5. great tutorial…. my problem is my brand new ledger is stuck on update mode(dead) with no other forward movement insight . i since then uninstalled ledger manager & add apps also changing cable extension to device ….any advice would b appreciated ??….i fear my ledger nano is broken !

  6. I am not able to install ledger manager once I click on add to Chrome it says ledger manager is blocked by the administrator

  7. Dude. You should write a whitepaper, issue your own ICO, and just sell yourself doing Youtube instructional videos full-time. You got skills. NeeksCoin. Bam.

  8. my device accepted my passcode and now it sists at SETTINGS. Why? an arrow to the right and one to the left, DON'T work, only when i click both, but i cabn't get to Bitcoin etc ….wtf?

  9. I bought a ledger nano s from a third party. Now Im concerned it could be compromised. I cant return it. I never put coins on it yet. I bought from "design happy' on Amazon if that info matters.
    How can I check if its been compromised, or is there any reset etc I can do to be sure its safe? Does resetting it with a new 24 seed ensure that its now safe? Thanks.

  10. Well, that was a huge waist of time I'll never get back… sweet hesus. Don't make anymore instructional videos. F U.

  11. I was intrigued by the cinematic shots but you hooked me in to subscribe with the chastity belt comment. Good stuff!

  12. Hello ! First off, I've just ordered one, awaiting it's delivery, and came across this video of yours – very grateful & have to say, it's a really good video – duly subscribed !
    I have a (hopefully not too idiotic) question :
    How secure is running a crypto wallet through Chrome ? I mean, it is somewhat related to the spymaster Google, is it not … ? Please correct me is I am mistaken about that (I could be).
    Also : I once ran a Chrome app, related to a time logger, but it simply stopped working one not so fine day, and all my semester's time keeping data with it …could that happen with the wallet ?

  13. Hey everyone!
    Thanks for checking out my channel and the Ledger Nano.
    It's been a crazy ride this year for Crypto and I'm really excited about the future applications of ETH and XRP in 2018 and beyond.

    It's been great to hear your comments and questions about the Ledger Nano S and other questions about the cryptography principals behind the wallet and blockchain in general.

    However, before you ask here be sure to check the Official Ledger Knowledge Base first.
    They've done an awesome job and it will answer 99% of questions asked here:

    Keep your stick on the ice!

  14. 4:22 "Who the hell is using ETH Classic"

    I just slowly went to close my window with a sad face, where I've got all my ethereum classic on view LOL

  15. cant proceed beyond 'to begin, connect and unlock your wallet'. Have tried several times.
    any suggestions?

  16. had my ledger for 2 weeks and couldn't find the dedicated time to get started. Your videos is helpful. It seems that ledgers instructions are good, but nice to see a run through before attempting myself.

  17. nice explanation, Can i get ripple from my friend if we both have ledger nano S?

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