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In this episode we talked about the stock market downturn, Russia’s invasion in Ukraine, Forex, global investing, trading tips, and more with  forex expert @Jessica Laine . #russia #forex #stocks

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  1. I would love to see an actual trade instead of the talk. I appreciate you all however if we saw the display of really making money it would help.

  2. Prior to internet the rest of the world knew about Americans but Americans never knew them. Now it seems Americans are discovering what's outside.

  3. I had to leave that forex along couldnt stop gambling. Kept blowing what I was making. Too much access for me at that time. Maybe start later in life.

  4. Hello, I'm trying to get some insight on Donor Advised Funds. Especially with all these donations going towards the crisis I believe this would be a good opportunity to go over what they are and the pros and cons. Thank you and keep up the great work!

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  8. Hello, i live in Ukraine the way people talk about forex trading is profitable, please can someone help me on the right path

  9. Hey I want to recommend time stamps for your channel videos. It’s great knowledge you guys provide and it’ll be great to go right to that point in the video.

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  11. those trades that ian is talking about are all on the way down?? or is it just the dow on the way down and the other wants on the way up??

  12. I would trade the rouble but they closed it due to the international sanctions being put in place against Russia

  13. "Why would we as Americans fund a non Americans company " dummest question of the night. You think American companies are "Clean"?

  14. How can they just take peoples things with sanctions I feel this could be problem matic

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  17. I have to learn the trading language. I tried to follow what Jessica was saying. Sis knows her stuff.

  18. When Ian says take the dow futures is that DIA? Also what does he mean to take 33 contracts for 523 points. What does 523 points?

  19. Happy birthday guys thanks for bringing us some good Learning resources! When and how do you get into that sniper program for free??

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