1. Me alegra ver que se está beneficiando de la tutoría de la Sra. Kilye Morrison. Lo hice, y todavía estoy cosechando mi decisión de trabajar con ella.

  2. This guy is a scam no one will teach u to make money mxm he stole my money

  3. Ref I still have not received my book that I bought 2 months ago from you. Pls make a plan man

  4. Morning Mr Dr Wayne I'm interested in forex just don't know where to start …plz help m

  5. Since 2 years only talking.
    Dude Stop and Show your Skills and teach People, men People around you In afrika have no money and you Talk, Dude cmon.

  6. My guy can you help me , I've been losing since 2022 , and now I'm ready for this

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