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Pullback Trading Bot implemented in Python [SMA/Bollinger Bands/RSI] including Buy Limit Orders

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Hi everyone,
I built a simple crypto trading bot using the pretend SMA / Bollinger Band / RSI trading strategy covered here:

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Disclaimer: This video is not an investment advice and is for educational and entertainment purposes only! Cryptocurrency and automated trading is bearing a high amount of risk which might result in a total loss of your invested capital.

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Set up Binance API video:

Video on deployment on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP):

Also please check out my cryptobot playlist, there is a lot more stuff to check out if you are interested in those kinds of topics:

00:00 – 01:32 Introduction / Disclaimer
01:32 – 02:02 Libraries
02:02 – 03:40 Set up the initial dataframe
03:40 – 06:08 Function changing the dataframe
06:08 – 08:09 Pull cryptocurrency prices
08:09 – 11:05 Technical Indicators (SMA/BB/RSI)
11:05 – 12:28 Buying/Selling Conditions
12:28 – 16:44 Buy Limit Order – Price calculation
16:44 – 24:35 Buy Limit Order – Quantity calculation
24:35 – 26:17 Buy Limit Order
26:17 – 27:20 Sell Order (Market)
27:20 – 31:08 Trading function
31:08 – 32:17 Recap on different possibilities to run the Bot Long Term
32:17 – 34:20 Running the Bot with a Loop
34:20 – 35:06 Improving the bot / outlook



  1. Awesome content – Thank you so much!
    Quick question: In which video can I find info about how to set up the client?

  2. Esta temporada fue realmente genial, obtuve enormes ganancias con mi inversión en criptomonedas, todo gracias al experto Frederick Joseph

  3. Instead of calculating it yourself, I'm pretty sure you can pull price precision and quantity precision data from the Binance API for every pair you want to trade. On the other hand, that would put more unnecessary weight request on the API, too much weight and the Binance API starts refusing the queries. Also, great video, I've kinda given up trying to trade for profits, but I always learn so much Python from your videos, thanks!

  4. Great video! I think you changed time frame from ‘day’ to ’minute’. Did you have any backtest result on this setup?

  5. Hello your video is very good. I have some problem I am unaware from Paython programming and Software can you help me that I learn to this type of code.

  6. Always good content here thanks.
    for those who wants to round price and qty on futures you can do this:
    def get_symbol_info(symbol):
    info = client.futures_exchange_info()
    for item in info['symbols']:
    if(item['symbol'] == symbol):
    price_dec = item['pricePrecision']
    qty_dec = item['quantityPrecision']
    return price_dec, qty_dec

    price_precision = get_symbol_info(symbol)[0]
    qty_precision = get_symbol_info(symbol)[1]

  7. Hi, thanks man for such great content for free, I wanna know if you have any paid course on automated trading from beginner to advanced?

  8. Do you know something about sending orders by websocket to Binance ? Is it possible now ?

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