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Pancakeswap Sniper Bot – Front Running Bot. Crypto Liquidity Sniper. Mempool scanner sniping bot

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Pancakeswap Bot Sniper – made for pancakeswap V2 and Uniswap.
Detailed instruction can be found together with the bot files on
Limited licenses! Get it while it’s still available.

Scans the token for the liquidity add transaction and snipes your desired token in zero seconds.
The only publicly available bot that can snipe in liquidity add block. You will be the first, or one of the first who buy any new listed token.

Feel free to make the order on the site – register to receive all further updates automatically or contact me via Telegram @StanCoder

All questions and answers can be found on the FAQ section on the website

Happy sniping!


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  1. How come you hacked my friend on discord and got to use his account to spam everyone on his friends list, including me, to download this bot? It definately looks like a scam. I don't know much about crypto but i do know a bit about scams and hijacking my friend's account isn't a very good first impression.

  2. as it is mempool scanner, does that mean that it can compete with other bots when in the block waiting for transaction? Like do we just need to increase the gas price and the priorty for our transaction will be higher?

  3. that first trade just covered my cost of the bot lmao, luckily was able to sell near the top because of the second instance haha, thanks a lot man you really helped me out!

  4. Hey bro, checking in again, hope everything is going well for you. I gotta thank you so much. I've turned a 3k investment back in July into 190k total value now, absolutely amazing and I'm sure will be life changing. Thanks for your bot, your attitude and enthusiasm answering all my weird questions. Very much appreciated! Gracias!

  5. Hey, is this bot still working as of today? And can anyone use this bot if they have little knowledge of coding? Thnx

  6. What amount of liquidity setting to buy a token is advised? 1 BNB or 0.1 BNB or …? I'm afraid missing out.

  7. Be careful with this bot. Over 99% of the new crypto projects are scams and you can easily lose your money within seconds. Do you really think this guy would be selling his bot if he could make a lot of money off it? Nope

  8. This bot has been out for awhile now, is this bot still working for new tokens now? Is anyone still using this now?

  9. Is it still working? If yes for how long you think. I mean there are surely people working on a faster bot

  10. Do we have access to the source code upon purchase? So we can make changes if we have dev experience?

  11. I'm really interested in this, Is the bot still working today ? I mean its a fast changing environment right, projects should find out how to prevent snipping.

  12. I'm Iame when it comes to coding. I figured out how to copy and paste though lol. I deposited 1 BNB. I had the first gas fee revert. 2nd order pulled 38 BNB. This is amazing. Cheers

  13. I bought uniswap bot, now wanna buy pancakeswap bot. Do you offer any discount for old customers?

  14. ok i bought pancake plus a week ago. It`s pretty easy to install and setup if you go step by step with manual. good node is crucial – i tested few different suppliers. I already sniped few launches and was able to buy in liquidity few times. I hit x10, sometimes x20 but don`t count on x1000. Not in these days.

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