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NFTs are good* and totally not bad* or harmful*

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Ahh, NFTs. The stupidest trend I’ve seen in forever. There’s no good argument why I should pay thousands for a digital image, and every video I’ve seen about …

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  1. other than the fact that theyre destroying the environment and all the cryptobros are saying "well so is everything else" like that's a valid defence, and the fact that you already need to be rich to even get into it, what completely baffles me is that every nft ive seen looks like a mediocre gif you'd see on the homepage of some web development site.

  2. Businessman Duncan, can I make an NFT and sell it like a capitalist madman? Or do I have to be rich and famous to sell one?

  3. We all know that climate change is a problem, and now we have all these crypto bros telling everyone that we HAVE TO BUY Bitcoin and those other fake currencies that literally amount to burning coal or some other energy source to make fake money. Even if they’re made with electricity from solar or wind, it takes precious, limited resources to make the components of those energy production systems, and we could be better using those resources in a way that benefits humanity instead of a way that will make some rich asshole a little richer. We have to destroy capitalism before it destroys the planet.

  4. Screw NFTs and the already rich and endlessly greedy people trying to make them desirable. Love to see this late stage capitalism bullshit being called out for how ridiculous and damaging it is. Good work!

  5. hey, wondering if you would make a video on the lindsay ellis twitter drama, interested in your thoughts

  6. You seriously make amazing content and i'm glad to be able to catch it in a fase where you are still able to reply to every comment, i hope you'll keep up at least a bit of that engagement in the future.

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