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New (2022) 95% Winning Bank Trading Strategy – Crypto, Stocks and Forex Strategy

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This is the ultimate Day trading course, all in one video. Over the last 10 years we have worked with thousands of traders and have helped hundreds find success using the methodology contained in this video.

We released the original Master Pattern training back in 2019. This is a brand new sequel to that training containing new tips and tricks for implementing this awesome methodology even better.

In this video you will learn about the Master Pattern that influences all price movement in Forex, Crypto and stock markets. After learning this pattern you will be better off that the 95% of traders who lose money trading because you will know exactly how to do the opposite of them, turning their losses into your wins.

Here’s what you can expect:
(Video Chapters)

00:00 Intro
02:15 What is the master pattern?
06:44 Smart Money vs Dumb Money Traders
10:25 Why most traditional systems fail
14:40 Problems of Bank Traders
17:29 How markets really work
22:39 How to define true market value
26:10 Smart Money Trade Positioning
38:00 Time’s role in the Master Pattern
45:15 Basic strategy to get started with
47:22 Basic strategy application EURUSD
56:24 In depth trade entry & exit
1:06:01 Real time application Crypto (ETHUSD)
1:09:50 Real time application on Stocks with live trade (DWAC & FB)
1:18:45 Strategy rules
1:22:00 How to trade news

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  1. The greatest info i have learn't for the first time since started learning Forex markets……Well appreciated for your time and effort.

  2. It’s a good video and obviously well intentioned, but you’re so familiar with the jargon and terminology that you lose your audience. The Apple example was just wrong and misleading. Agreeing on a fair market value, is a complete misrepresentation. It’s not true. It’s not what is happening. I was looking forward to watching this, but it’s just another shill for software.

  3. Thanks, great video ! IMO, Positive & unfavorable news is sometimes constructed or misused as well to move the market. It's great that we have videos like yours out here on Youtube. As a moderate trader it's a huge advantage to get into the methods of Smart Money and try to think just like them. Cycles are probably most recognized on the hourly time frame, but I could be wrong. Talking crypto I cannot imagine SM is operative in alt coins outside the top 20 , but again I could be wrong:-)

  4. Sincerely the first time I watched a training video and felt like I have solved all those speeding red numbers. And now I want you to please consider doing a video on entry and exit points because, the expansion zone is one phase I am still struggling with. Thanks a lot for this invaluable work given me free of charge.

  5. He is only talk not true,hey anybody draw construction area clearly,i say no,. They sale Other gold shovel………

  6. Thanks for the vast information; its a real eye opener especially how you explained the market structures and the Dumb money abd smart money and the HTF and LTFs. Wow thank you a million times.

  7. Thanks for the vast information; its a real eye opener especially how you explained the market structures and the Dumb money abd smart money and the HTF and LTFs. Wow thank you a million times.

  8. This is my first time viewing your content. This was an extremely insightful approach to looking at the market. I'm a newbie to this space and I concur with everything that said concerning the behavior of retail trader (guilty). I love your simple view of describing the market. I was amazed that I was able to go straight to my charts and immediately apply things learned in the presentation. Also, thanks for providing clarity on the use of multi-timeframe analysis. You've earned yourself a new subscriber. I will defiantly check out the site to see what other information or resources you have to offer. Once again thanks!

  9. I want to thank you for this video. Understanding this pattern has greatly improved my success rate to a point where I win more than lose. Definitely the most important aspect that a new trader has to grasp.

  10. ⬆⬆⬆⬆

    *with one simple technique i have successfully recovered all the funds i lost over the years from careless trades . i will gladly share with you the amazing strategy that saved me .

  11. I realized that for people who operate on 15-minute charts, they should use, for example, the 4h chart where they get a macro or analytical graphical view, in the case of those who use an operating time less than 1 minute, which analytical time should they use?

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