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My Naked Forex style (full tutorial)

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My way of looking into and trading Naked Forex Style

I simply went to the 15 minute charts and 1 hour charts
Outline Support and Resistance and look at high price and low price

hop down and look at smaller time frames and see your top resistance and support of the week and the day

previous highs and previous and lows of last week



Current brokers I use now


Tradersway offers 1:1000 leverage

payment method I use now is Upaycard is legit with them


leverage 1:400 ECN
bank wire and bitcoin

Find me on Telegram @kouleefx

best book for beginners

Thanks for your support and loyalty & following me!

I appreciate everyone’s effort & patience!


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  1. Adding a simple moving average indicator coupled with this strategy might help to give that extra confirmation

  2. I really really love your sincere attitude to help others in the best and most simplest of ways. I'm new to trading and strangely have developed the same kind of set up strategy of high lows and consolidation so it really was great to have this inner feeling I'm on the right track. I know its simple and probably used by most beginners but I think not to overcomplicate things is the key. I have evolved on finding a need for some indicators and find it necessary in my style.Thank you and God bless

  3. That is manipulation at it's finest there kou. The lowest low wiped stop losses in the original structure then the highest high wiped those stop losses it then came back in to original range. A very manipulated chart and a tactic all should be aware of. It's very common in forex

  4. I just want to explain something. Your first chart could also be a buy. Do you see how earlier on it hit the supply zone level (resistance) and then started to bounce off it with more and more speed/momentum? Now look recently, it hits the supply zone, but doesn't off it as hard. It shows that the sellers have weakness because it doesn't bounce off as hard. It's in a range and hits the resistance. Logically the sellers should be jumping and be enthusiastic as fuck, but the price doesn't drop to the floor. The sellers are losing pressure. Then again you still have to be careful because it could be a wyckoff upthrust or a bear flag (the range is consolidation) if it was previously in a major down trend. Also maybe consider using tick volume as an indicator (it is a substitute to actual fx volume and has notable correlation). Also derivatives of volume.

  5. Hey I have a question, do you use upaycard to withdraw your money from tradersway?
    Love the channel btw

  6. Skimmed through it a bit. Definitely watching it all tonight. Keep the great content coming!

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