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My forex journey from a $200 trading account

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In this video I talk about how I started my first account with $200. What methods I used in the beginning as a new trader. What mistakes I made while learning. How I took losses over and over again, and what brought me back to profitability.

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  1. Getting into the trade market panned out to be one of the smartest moves I've made financially after I got introduced to it by a colleague.

  2. That's one of the rare video i see that is pure honesty and in just few minuts , you gave really important advices,approaches! Thank you !!

  3. Nice video and great work, Honestly the right information is what we need to succeed. I believe the benefits of a successful trade comes from an expert and that is why i make huge profit with the help of Mrs Hailey Madison,she's a genius and that's why i always advice novice to trade with professional like her

  4. Good video. As for me i have made huge profits on my investment since i started trading with Mrs Christi lily, her trading strategies are top notch.

  5. Nice content. For more profound investment insights and advice, look at my name description to see how to get in touch with Mr Scott. He changed my life!

  6. Raja, this video is the changing game bro as it is what Im going through winning after winning then one trading removing stop loss then Big Loss comes in to take all winning trades. then comes confidence issues, no moral to take trades starting all over again.

  7. This is excellent content and a well concise video. I liked every bit of your explanation, it shows there's lot I must do if I want to be proficient with my trades.

  8. Ahh great video! I am going through this losing streak myself at the moment and actually, I have implemented same actions as you to turn tables around and see what times I make my winning trades, which logic I used, etc..

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