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My Forex HEDGING Strategy – Double An Account In 3 Days.

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  1. Hey friends, thank you for sharing that the audio is having an issue in the video. I've just played the video from YT on my computer and on my phone, and the audio is working fine for me. Is the audio working for you all now? Let me know, I'll figure out how to get it fixed if so.


  2. This works well for me on the 1hr, like in your previous hedging vids – this approach truly shows you how much it doesn't actually matter what you think is going to happen. Consistent execution is the hardest part of this system for ME, like losing an account and jumping right back in. Over time the probabilities will play in your favor tho.

  3. The only thing not being taught in this demo is the emotional control; the other half of trading and also what makes most traders break their own rules and furthermore, make most traders unable to make profit.

  4. Hello, this is the best video I have watched today. Are you on telegram? I want to communicate with you about something.

  5. Why don’t you do this on a live account in a live stream doing this on bar replay there is no emotion and emotions is what make trades fail.

  6. Hey Nick what are your thoughts on SMC and ICT ? Please make a video on that.

  7. Nick when are you going to make a signal group? I know that both us and you will do a lot of profit.

  8. What's the difference between closing the initial position and opening an opposite position = the hedge?f

  9. I think there is no point in hedging like that. When you open two opposite trades, there comes time when you decide to close one and stick with other to make money. So, at that time you just simply could open one trade when you decide which direction you go. Hedging like this is just paying double spread with no other advantage. You make money because you know how to trade, hedging don't help you there. It only might affect you mentally to make different decisions than before. Also i don't know if you scale in or scale out, but you could try that, so you get first chunk of winning trade and leave some to see if it will go further your direction.

  10. Your background screen is too dark sir. Can't make out the colours not the lines you're drawing.

  11. Seems that hedging would work perfectly using the renko chart. You won't be confused with the unibomber. I definitely need to buy your course. In demo, I only win when I choose the opposite of where I think that the price is going. If I think it will go long, I choose short and vice versa and my win percentage increases dramatically.

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