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My 5 Year Forex Trading Journey… EXPECTATION VS REALITY

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My 5 Year Forex Trading Journey… EXPECTATION VS REALITY

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00:00 Intro
01:15 Workout and Starbucks
03:26 GU Short Trade Executed
03:47 Trade Management
05:35 Memory Lane… My 5 Year Trading Journey
21:10 3-Month Trades Taken Data and Lessons
29:25 Outro

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DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial adviser. The videos on my channel are for educational and entertainment purposes ONLY. I’m simply documenting my trading journey so that you have the potential to take ideas and inspiration from the videos that may help you within your own journey. But remember, trading/investing of any kind involves risk. Your trading/investments are solely your responsibility.

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20 Comentários

  1. Nice to see someone showing the REAL journey that happens when taking on the challenge of trading. Love the vids, keeps me motivated to learn more and believe i can do it!

  2. this is awesome man, I feel you on the need to have the belief as other people think short term and just look at results rather than the development of a professional

  3. One of your best uploads to date mate, felt more real and genuine than some of your others. Nice work.

  4. Thanks Michael ,This is motivational.
    I really need to learn the art of trading… I need real help.

  5. Wow I enjoyed this video tho, Forex trading has been really difficult for me to understand but my life has been better after Mrs ivy rose came into my life, she helped me grow my profit and thought me how to trade on my own.

  6. this is honestly cool asf to see cause im going through the same process tweaking and refining my system to get to the best parts of my process so i can reach my maximum potential

  7. Hi Michael really enjoy your content.
    I would like to know how many markets do you track?
    Right now I am extremely focused on EUR USD and GPD USD.
    Im not sure if im too focused on strike rate. But personally I find it easier if I take less trades but "win" more. Some of the setups in the forex markets are just a "give me"
    I am starting to believe that you could be an extremely successful forex trader placing less then 40 trades a year.

  8. Waxaad tahay qof dacad ah o runta sheega waxaan ku xidhna chanal kaga ilaa 2 sano ku dayasho ayaad mudan tahay walaal hore u soco

  9. I have Been holding for awhile now, the market dynamism is really getting me uncomfortable here, I really need help deciding

  10. I also started when I was 19, in the backend of 2019, since then learned a lot about markets. Your content is just pure trading wisdom to me. Thanks man for keeping my guard up.

  11. The 5% who make it manage risk and have realistic expectations, they also focus on flawless process execution. The 95% who fail are stubborn gamblers who aren’t willing to let go of their bad process and habits, I was in that boat and decided to get out if I was to become fairly consistent.

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