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Hey guys it’s that time of the week when I discuss trending forex pairs and how you can trade them.

In this video, you get to see me analyse the forex market like a professional without the use of indicators or robots.

The essence of these forex trading videos is to help you become a better and more professional forex trader.

I hope you enjoy watching these forex videos as much as I enjoy making them for you.



  1. Hi Mentor, can I make payment with a verve card in my local naira? tried to get a mastercard but u know how naija banks work. would really love to be part of your program

  2. I love my mentor allot because my forex life has changed since i became forex mastery student, is better u grab it because u life will change for good as well.

  3. If your videos are for the mastery student stop posting it on YouTube are we watching your YouTube videos for free the 22.8k subscribers are they all your so called mastery student

  4. Hello mr Dapo. I want to register for the mastery course. But how will it help me. Let me have the link. Thanks

  5. Bro..Whenever I listen to you I feel so confident in this thing. I'm getting this Course ASAP, not just for the course but to have access to you. Thank you

  6. I started following this channel this year and I have learnt what I haven't learn for months.
    Furthermore, I haven't learned alot from your free YouTube videos, can't imagine the content of your mastery course.
    I can't wait to enroll in your course Mr Dapo.
    Thank you once again. ❤️❤️♥️♥️

  7. Started following this channel in December, and it's an eye opening though, I don't have the money for the mastery course yet but I just want to say thank for this insight and I am looking forward to be one of your student

  8. I took the FOREX MASTERY COURSE in December 2022 and it really changed my TRADING. Thank you so much MENTOR, God bless you. Say me hi to your mom.

  9. Too much enjoyment for d Christmas and New year made u forget d chart & so u become rusty.

  10. Thanks for impact in my life sir…I believe one sees the market through a mentor's eyes, I get it now. I'm starting to think like you sir, I pride myself as your Top student.

  11. Thanks dapo. Am learning more on the mastery course. Its sofa so good for me as am getting real knowledge.

  12. Omo I'm saving to purchase the course ….thus forex profit won't pass me by this year…….God's willing next year go loud for me…AMEN!

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