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Mixing Work And Play | Lets Take A Minute, Episode 3 | Urban Forex

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Episode 3: In this short forex educational series, you’ll notice the character Raju, enjoys his holidays when he’s in a profitable trade. However, he didn’t expect his Wifi to drop and by the time he’s able to access his platform, his trade stopped him out. In the last half of the video, Navin goes on further to explain why as a trader, you have to be really focused during your trading, and avoid any distractions.

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Some of the valuable notes from the video :
– Make sure that you are in a quiet environment while trading
– Avoid any distraction when you are in a trade
– Always make sure to have a stable internet connection


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  1. Nice way of sharing it,you are a very good teacher and i never felt this easy to learn

  2. in the beginning, I was like oh no where is this going, but turned out to be funny.

  3. I see the Bollywood genes in you Navin 😉 Thank you for sharing a good lesson 🙂

  4. Nandri navin you are so inspiring to me as an retail trader.. Keep doing the good work..

  5. So in this video, there should be a lot of questions in your mind.
    – Stoploss is to protect your capital how about if there is a slippage and dont hit your stoploss.??
    – also don' t mix work and play. so does it mean that you should be always in your computer all the time. that is unhealthy.
    – so the bottom line is how do you trade properly? what time and how many hours do you trade per day.

  6. Great advise Sir but my question is not related to this video.but the correlation one on the fx meter App, im trading using 3timeframes the 1H for bais and 15m for structure and 5m for entries so im not sure what time frame to look at on the fx meter app.the 4H OR DAILY? and sometimes the strength of the currency is not in confluence with my bais as a trend trader. should i ignore those even if their strength is extreme opposites? your advise would be very much appreciated.

  7. Man, I don’t get you. Why are you trading for a petty money? You should take working for Bollywood into consideration, and make gazillons. No? Well, I’ll see you on Wednesday’s webinar on 21st of October. Stay safe.

  8. Hilarious Raju like always, nice creative video, Very important message regarding distraction during trade

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