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Miela: the crypto scalper bot – 3commas trading bot tutorial

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Miela: the crypto scalper bot – 3commas trading bot tutorial

00:00 Miela: The DCA scalper bot
01:35 Picking good tokens for scalping
01:52 Expected levels of profit
03:26 Deal start condition
05:32 DCA settings
06:20 is it a good idea to increase the TP?
07:12 Splitting into two scalper bots
07:36 Can you trade this bot for free on 3commas?

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  1. Greetings from Greece, i use 1 month around the bot and i would like to ask you something. i have sseen your videos with rsi-7. So my question is: when market is up you believe that i have to set rsi-7 5minutes 30 and when market is down rsi-7 4hours 35, rsi-7 1hour 35, rsi-7 5minute 15? tbh i use qfl original 3 last month and it was pretty good, but if i understand qfl is when market price is down. sorry for bad english. 🙂

  2. I backtested this across Binance Futures. I'm not convinced 1 safety order is sufficient to not get stuck. 2 seems better but there were a few that still got stuck. Works nicely overall though.

  3. You never specified if these starting conditions are specifically for long trade bots? Would these RSI starting conditions also work for short scalping? Or would they have to be ‘reversed’?

  4. Huobi Fees are 0.2%. if we say the bot will take profit 0.2%, is this going to be 0 profit or 0.2 after fees?

  5. Nice to have a new video again, and a new bot to feed my hunger. But can you please make the font size bigger in the video, you're only uploading in 1080p after all, maybe turn the resolution on your screen down a bit? (or maybe i'm getting old, but I can't read the data from the backtest at all).

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