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Make Your First $50,000 With This Scalping Forex Strategy ( Tested 100 Times )

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Welcome to TradeIQ! In this video I will test a Bollinger Bands forex trading strategy. This strategy is very simple and it only consists of 2 indicators – Bollinger Bands and EMA. This profitable strategy works on lower time frames so it’s suitable for scalpers. I will test it 100 times and compare the results with the previous strategies I’ve already tested on this channel.

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  1. Also you could to try this strategy on Heikin Ashi maybe the positions can be less stop loss

  2. This does seem legit and I’ve seen a few other channels back test and prove it is. I think this could be improved even more by adding the Williams %R, only taking trades when it goes into overbought/oversold level and also crosses the 13 ema on the Willy %R

  3. Hey mister! This strategy actually is good enough. Without any optmization i got on MT5, from 2014 to 2022 the same 69% of profitable trades.

  4. hey dude It doesn't work like that, the commission will eat everything you have ..with this small pips you won nothing

  5. How to outperform the stock market; read thousands of annual reports, learn about margin of safety , buy undervalued stocks , insider information and seek professional help.

  6. On 4H TF this strategy works best.
    It will doubled your account in one month for sure
    I have checked this in live market.

  7. A well explained video ,Successes in trading vary as a result of either both or one of the following two things:

    1. The exposure of the successful trader goes way beyond that of the average trader

    2. The presence of a good manager facilitates trade and minimizes loss of investments. thanks to EXPERT SIR REID HOFFMAN for bringing me back to life based on trading such a good man he makes me returns after one month of trading…

  8. Nice video, please what's the best way to get started with trade because I've been making my personal research for a while now and i still don't know how to start.

  9. That's not real because It gives false signals and if you over leverage on a false signal then your account will get empty guys it time to realize the power of price action then you can definitely make more that 50k trust me

  10. I'm no longer waiting for the GRANT LOAN because I earn $50,000 every 7 days recently

  11. Hey bro, what’s your thought if I take entry on 30+ crypto coin (multichart)? The winrates will be more higher or lower? And what’s ur recommendation? Should I focus on one crypto or take as much entry as I can?

  12. Great video. I've spent the last 6 years investing in dividend stocks, cryptocurrency and compounding the returns. It's amazing what happens when compounding kicks in..

  13. Did you test it on crypto trading? Could you do it and make it a video ? Thank you again for your great job

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