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Make $12,990 crazy | Iq Option Strategy

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Welcome everyone. In today’s video I want to show you a new Iqoption strategy that I have been testing for a long time and I think it has pretty good results. This method consists of three very good indicators: Balance of Power, Alligator and Parabolic Sar. I set one minute candles and trade at one minute intervals.

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  1. Kathie, what kind of money should invest to make a $12,900 profit ? Could you share a suggested Investing amounts growing plan? Thank you.

  2. Hey mam I'm Swapnil
    I'm from India , I loos my more than 700$
    I need right mentor
    Can you guide me mam ,
    I want to need your blessing mam

  3. FYI: It works like a charm in the OTC, I don't recommend it on a normal market though.

  4. Achei a estratégia interessante, mas não consegui entender qual seria o momento da entrada alguém pode me explicar?

  5. hello, please can you share with me some good books, courses or something that can be useful for completly beginer in binary trading?

  6. Your videos are so inspiring please can you do a video on how to analyze before trading on Binary options

  7. You can turn my $ 50 into $ 1,500 or more so I can take a risk like you

    Thank you for your help

    My total balance is $ 80 – and my paycheck is $ 300, and I can not risk as much as you.

  8. PLease give more details about indicators. What do you mean by its looks like? Please explain in detail I lost too much money. I'm okay with lost but I need to lean this please make more detailed videos

  9. Olá, sou um agente sênior da enamo, quero trabalhar com você e me ajudar a postar um vídeo promocional, eu te pago, acho que podemos falar sobre o preço

  10. Katie can u make a recap video on the video u posted because there is no way to contact you your privet teller gram has no chat

  11. Привет Кети не подскажете оптимальные намтройки стохастика на минутном таймырецме СПАСИБО

  12. Hola Katie depronto no tendrás tutoriales en español es que no los entiendo muy bien y me gustaría ensayarlos mejor, ayúdame plis

  13. Madam pls guide me is iq option really genuine I can't make my self to trade in it

  14. Why are your not helping people giving them signals to recover loses , unless then your videos are useless to your viewers

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