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LIVE WITH FOREX SHARK!!! (Feb 12th 2022)

* O link para o vídeo completo está no final desse artigo.
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  1. Bad move dissing other content creators, especially someone like James who has established a lot of credibility and is popular in the community. It merely shows how insecure you are about your own content. It’s a sign of weakness.

    Also you convey an image as if you are Mother Theresa but you shill your own Buddy address and accept Superchats. But you say you don’t monetise your followers like others. I am calling BS!

    Any chance you had of interviewing Forex is gone now. Really dumb move going after James like that as Forex likes James a lot.

  2. why is this guy talking so much crap about the other youtuber interviewing ForexShark? I thought you were supposed to be one of these good religious people but you are so full of hate haha. The guy interviewing him is great, stop being a little asshole with all your misleading clickbait titles on all of your videos. All i see is you snapping like a little kid on people who challenge any of your views in the comments. By the way, stop telling people they must use YOUR buddy address or else you cant use drip. You can just go to 'support team and development' and you're in, no need to use any buddy address. You seem like a big scammer in my opinion

  3. Just subscribed good stuff man! Quick question I for whatever reason use the binance wallet extension for my farmi/drip can I protect these with a ledger

  4. Did yourself an injustice here brother. Insulting another YouTuber and talking over important information. I'm not really sure but maybe you bought REV really high and now joined part of the winge brigade? Just a guess. Good luck with the Wells.. although I think it's bridges you should be building after all the bridges you've just burnt with the community. Forex definitely ain't gonna have you on his show after this. I'll make sure of it. 🙂

  5. I think it was plain vanilla interview…..wish we would address the seed value in garden as well….issues there.

  6. Take a chill pill man. It’s easy to tear people down. Let’s keep criticism constructive

  7. Compare the tvl with other coins like Bifi finance and you’ll probably get an indication what pigs are really worth..

  8. Did I get kicked out of the drip farm telegram group? The only reason why I think that would happen is because I mentioned the new piggy bank machine that launched today. But, that was only to let everyone know of the opportunity to get on early. If I broke any telegram group rules let me know and I won't let it happen again.

  9. dude gotta be honest you just talked over an answer to a question i wanted to hear and i thin that is fucking rude

  10. Would like to see a video on the upcoming partnership, and game release that will tie into the ecosystem – the potential it may have to enhance it. Good stream! The questions were basic but it let me learn a decent bit still too, can't wait to see what is coming!

  11. Jonathon, this video is not going to age well for you. Since you like to shame and lecture us a lot (when Lambo?!), I hope you can take some medicine yourself. You talked over the guy that you say knows so much more than you, Forex, so none of us could hear. You didn't stop there, you horribly insulted a very nice, respected fellow youtuber with much more credibility and a much larger following than you in a petty, childish manner unfitting for a grown man. You acted like a little puppy getting a treat when somebody sent you $5 and ignored all honest questions or any interaction at all from your chat. I think you have a good side, I really do or I wouldn't bother to leave this comment here, but you gotta check yourself before you, well you know.

  12. I hate to ask and especially I don't want to tell you what to do but why the hell you use line charts instead of candles? I'm sorry to write that but It has been bothering me so bad :'D

  13. The interview was great but could not watch through the video with your constant interruption and off putting comments. Good luck with your channel and wells, will be looking for other YouTube drip content going forward.

  14. I like your channel. You keep it real and doing a great up. I think you got carried away today. Your comments about James is sooo not cool. James Pelton just like you keeps it real. Even if he didn't ask the questions you wanted. The negative reaction there is not needed. I think you'll agree if you what yourself back. stay grounded bro

  15. Explain to me why to keep and stake pigs?!Pigs?!? There is only a .05% apr. Pigs will be sold because of the low apr. That is why Pigs will always go down in value because you lose money to keep Pigs. Why oh why can't the Pigpen pay a decent apr??? I ask again! Why can't people be rewarded to keep and stake pigs?!?!?????

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