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Live Trading Room – Forex Trading Using HTF & LTF

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  1. The only man that has been able to impress me with his strategy so far is Mr Parker, he has been able to prove to me by using his strategy to trade for me, Which has been able to give my account a meaningful profitable history. For anyone interested I can only recommend

  2. Sell. Usually a big candle stick at the end of an uptrend can be the sign of a reversal.

  3. Hej Akil where can i find the tools you are using. It seems to me that they are great fit for technical analysis.

  4. Nice vid AKil. I've noticed on quite a few videos you have a target 1 and a target 2. I'm just wondering, even if you have something with a high strike rate, such as a cypher pattern for example, which get stopped out 5 times out of 10 trades without getting to target 1, and the next 5 trades hit target 1 but not T2 even though you move the BE, you will end up down as you are losing twice as much on the losses? Is this beneficial? Will be glad to hear your thoughts. Thanks

  5. Hi I'm new to this and still studying
    Could you explain me what is the break below close below?

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