1. i just unsevscribe you cause i think you are fake man
    you are more youtuber then a trader lolz
    and also i asked you many times to post you long term record and you didnt even reaply to me so good luck mate

  2. Hey Will, a Noob question. Whats the reason for Multiple trades on the same pair? This feels very complex for me.

  3. i have just brought the 250 course are you thinking of doing a upgrade to it and making a course on it showing how you trade smart money and your new strategy

  4. Hey there, i rly enjoyed that video tho it was entertaining, im interested in your vip gold group may i know if u took trades today ? i just started my FTMO challenge and i would like to use it to pass.
    hope u reply Will.

  5. Nice video! trading gold can be tricky but knowing the direction of price helps to hold longer right ?

  6. Bro how do you manage trade on mt4 this mt4 is the worse platform!
    Do you trade with funded account?

  7. Just finished the video man, it’s so educative and entertaining as well. Confidence building as well. Well don mate

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