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LIVE Forex Trading – Feb 10, 2021

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Made the best out of this Monday. Could have been better but that’s for post analysis.

In these live trades Navin shows how he trades forex and manages these trading positions by moving in stops, adding positions and/or removing positions. It is a great example of how no trading day is the same and no trade is the same. All of these trades are based on Navin’s teachings. In the lessons of the educational programs Navin explains how the trading pairs are selected based on market sentiment, price action, technical analysis and in the more advanced lessons with correlation, to come to the kind of trading results you see in these videos.

Disclaimer : All trades shown in the video are from a LIVE account of 7-figure trader Navin Prithyani with an industry leading brokerage – Interactive Brokers. We are in no way affiliated or compensated by any brokers either directly or indirectly.

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  1. 2-3 standard lot for up uptrend pullback buy… and 90 standard lot counter-trend ……
    you need to fear from a big boy who knows maybe they can come and accumulate your orders in counter-trend trading…

  2. Your losing trades motivate us all….

    They are my confidence pillar indicating that the market also does not forgive Navin….

  3. Hey Navin , I got to know that you are great forex trader three days ago . Watched most of your videos and simply amazed .

  4. I am also mpa 2 student. but I don't understand This live trading videos. very fast explaining. So I request to Navin that Pls explain easily. show some points so we can properly check and understand.

  5. Sooner or Later I will be doing Like this Or Better, I learned Watching Navin Vids Too But know sharping my Own Setups

  6. Thanks navin your first 7 videos alone on mastering price action was good enough alone to make me have winners today. I finally decided to put in real money after demo trading for 3 months. I managed to get in on two trades EUR/USD and EUR/AUD for 1 to 2 risk reward and came out on top. Thanks can't wait for next week's lessons

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