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LIVE Forex NY Session – 24th February 2022

* O link para o vídeo completo está no final desse artigo.
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Live NY Session Hosted 6.30 am EST Mon, Wed & Friday . Ask questions. Post charts and get feedback. This is for educational purposes ONLY.

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  2. 18:10 someone asking Raja about Gold trade during London session
    22:07 common mistake made by traders
    27:10 Capital Hungry speaking? sounds like him lol (talks about
    33:50 where could the last final pull back on Gold
    36:30 focusing on whats happening now , the current price action + reason
    40:00 gold analysis
    41:26 forex factory
    45:10 why DXY and gold move same direciton
    49:10 how much money do u advice to start trade

    54:45 Ted joined + talk about asian and london + kerwin
    57:00 Ted talk about NY session + why DXY strong
    1:07:47 Gold breaking previous High missed good entry
    1:10:52 Ted talk about Gold + Hour candle to flip + If you are worry about SL today, dont trade today and reason + Kerwin
    1:19:53 Ted talk about Gold + What might happen during NY session + COMEX
    1:24:22 Ted talk about Gold + dont get caught in liquidity area
    1:25:53 Ted about Gold + Mentality + Experience on Gold from Ted + Have a plan + Dont be greedy + Why 90% trader fail + Respect the market + Kerwin
    1:30:05 NY open
    1:42:30 What circumstance u will see gold at 1941 + Kerwin + Kerwin share screen at 1:49:33 + Until 2:17:05
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