Ledger Nano S Bitcoin Wallet VS Private Key Security

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If your Bitcoin is stored in an exchange, you do not own it, this is something you probably already know.

And this is because when you store your bitcoin or other cryptocurrency in an exchange, you do not have the private key. Only the owner of the private key is the true owner of the cryptocurrency.

The same applies to the storage of Bitcoin in most online wallets. The only way to really own your Bitcoin is to keep the key private for you.

When you create a wallet with a software wallet, for example, you will usually have the private key and, technically, you really own your Bitcoin. But if your computer is compromised, the hacker can gain access to your private key and steal all your funds.

This is the reason why a hardware wallet like Ledger Nano Wallet is simply the safest way to store your cryptocurrency. Because in a hardware wallet, the private key is stored on a dedicated physical chip. In this way, the hacker can not access your private key even if your computer is compromised with malware / virus.

Since private keys are never sent in plain text to the connected device, you can use the Ledger Nano S Wallet to achieve a higher level of security.

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  1. So… i understand when my btc is on an exchange then the exchange has my private key and thus owns my crypto. However how does a hardwarewallet GENERATE a private key ? If it connects online to the manufacturers website and uses that to generate my key ,doesnt the manufacturer of my hardware wallet know my private key AND public key ? And thus they can move my crypto to another wallet any time they want dont they ? Pls dont tell me just "no they dont know your key" but rather how they do not know it ?

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