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Learn 2 Rule-Based Professional Trading Strategies (Forex)

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In this video, I sit down with my friend and colleague Michael Toma as we share recent trade setups for our 2 rule-based trading strategies in the Forex market. You can learn these professional trading strategies & start to see how the trades unfold in the market.

Those strategies will work for day trading as well as swing trading Forex.

Algo Nation special launch incl. 3 bonuses:

0:00 Introduction
1:26 Michael Toma’s Trend Trading Strategy
12:44 Etienne’s Reversal Swing Trading Strategy
18:49 How To Know When To NOT Trade
21:02 Algo Nation – Quick Overview



  1. Hey! Love the content! Can you tell me how could I get that dot indicator on tradingview? Or something simillar? I tried looking for it but can't seem to find any. Thanks!

  2. Michael thanks for mentioning JPY 3 weeks ago. You came off some trades into an interview and said it was intense. The trade has still been on and it's been nuts. Was in a futures funding program, did +2k one day, +3k the next day to get funded and now im trading a funded account well. The tip off was fantastic and I haven't heard any other futures traders talking about it. I dont normally trade forex, as a US passport holder, but the action is drawing me in. I'm going to be looking into algonation. Thanks!

  3. Thx for sharing. I found Scott Welsh on this channel and its been a trip. Love his indicator strategies and he shares a lot rly very thankfull

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